When should you fire an architect?

When should you fire an architect?

Ensure there are no legal or financial ramifications for terminating. Be smart about it, and terminate at the right time to avoid loss of work, time, and/or money. Don’t terminate until after they have given you the latest work they have developed. Don’t enable the architect to hold the work hostage.

How do you terminate an architectural contract?

The only way out is if the client and architect are mutually willing to call it quits. In this case they must agree on acceptable terms for termination of the agreement.

Can I fire my architect?

As the client you always have the right to fire the architect if you feel they are not meeting your expectations, even if it is as simple as you not liking what they are designing. It is no different than any service contract in that regard.

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What is architect’s negligence?

Liability, the obligation to compensate someone else for loss or damage, is a major concern for architects. The main types of architects’ liability are breach of the client-and-architect agreement (which is a breach of contract) and the tort of negligence (professional negligence).

What do architects need to know about fire safety?

Crucially for architects, one of the requirements for both of these classes of building is that any design assumptions that have an impact on fire safety, and all fire safety measures incorporated into the building (passive and active), should be clearly documented.

How long does it take for a building to fireproof?

Structural fire resistance periods vary between 30, 60 and 90 minutes, according to the occupancy and the height of the building, and requirements change at 5, 18 and 30 metres. For example, an office that is less than 18m tall must maintain structural stability for 60 minutes during a fire.

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What are the most important fire safety subject areas?

The very first fire safety subject you should familiarize yourself with are the state regulations where your building will be constructed. Remember, even if you’re located in one state but are designing a building that will be in another, your plans must match the regulations required where the building will reside.

Should fire symbols be used in specification documents?

Paul Bussey, CDM & Fire Lead at AHMM Architects and a member of the RIBA’s Regulation and Standards Group, says his practice has been looking at ways of highlighting items in specification documents that should not be changed – notably by marking them with a fire symbol.