How much does an income tax officer earn in India?

How much does an income tax officer earn in India?

Average Income Tax Department India Income Tax Officer salary in India is ₹ 6.8 Lakhs for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 31 years. Income Tax Officer salary at Income Tax Department India ranges between ₹ 1 Lakhs to ₹ 15 Lakhs.

Is income tax officer a reputed job?

The Income Tax Department is considered one of the most respectable and highly reputed one because of timely promotions and progression. The Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax (A.C.I.T.) Joint Commissioner of Income Tax (J.C.I.T.)

Which is better IAS or income tax officer?

The facilities and perks an IAS officer gets are superior to that of an IRS officer’s. The IAS provides faster promotions compared to the IRS. For instance, an IAS officer can become a Commissioner in about 16 years whereas an IRS officer can take about 20-22 years.

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Is income tax officer good for girls?

Income tax inspector has good job profile and this is good for female also. In last pay Commission it had 9300 +4600 grade pay and in this pay Commission its starting salary goes to about 60 to 70 thousands. Income tax has many cadres mostly according to States.

What are the benefits of IRS officers?

They also get housing rent in case no housing is provided. Government vehicles are also provided to the IRS officers along with TA. The upper ranks of IRS officers also get chauffeurs for their vehicles. Other allowances like DA and CCA are also given to the IRS officers.

What is the salary of an income tax officer in India?

The department is responsible for the day-to-day administration of taxes. The national average salary of an income tax officer in India is INR 45,563 per month. How to Become Income Tax Officer?

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How to become an income tax inspector in India?

These officers possess excellent analytical skills and a high level of numeracy which is essential to investigate suspected tax fraud. The two main Income Tax Officer exams in India are SSC CGL and UPSC exams, through either of these you can take the path of becoming an Income Tax Inspector in India.

Is the life of an income tax officer good or bad?

Life of an income tax officer is very good if he wants to make it good and go with the flow. Money is the governing power of India, person who have sufficient money to purchase a politician is the prime minister of India. Mr.

What is an Income Tax Officer (ITO)?

An Income Tax officer is an officer responsible for the Central Board of Direct Taxes’ income tax-related matters, also known as CBDT. Also known as I.T.O. (Income Tax Officer), they are supposed to look for all those who do not pay their income tax and inform their respective departments.

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