Is Grade 12 the same as GED?

Is Grade 12 the same as GED?

By taking the General Education Development (GED) test. This is regarded as equivalent to grade 12 for employment purposes. If you want to enroll in a college or university program, however, you may need a high school diploma. The diploma is accepted by colleges and universities.

What does Grade 12 or equivalent mean?

Matric or Equivalent means you should have a Matric Certificate or a Matric Equivalent Certificate. The term “Matric or Equivalent” is used when referring to requirements, either for employment or a course you want to study.

Is there different levels of GED?

The four performance levels for the GED® test are Below Passing, Passing for High School Equivalency, GED® College Ready, and GED® College Ready + Credit.

What does GED or equivalent mean?

General Educational Development
General Educational Development (GED) certificate or state authorized high school equivalent certificate means the student has received or will receive a GED certificate or state authorized high school equivalent certificate before the first date of his/her enrollment in college.

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Is a GED equivalent to a 12th grade diploma?

But the GED credential is, though the equivalency of a high school degree, not in all ways equal to a regular high school diploma, so saying that a GED is equivalent to a grade 12 would be not correct. Passing the four independent subtests (modules) of the GED exam will result in a diploma that’s equivalent to a regular high school degree.

What is the American GED®?

The American GED® is an alternative to the South African Grade 12 and other high school leaving certificates. The GED® is the only higher secondary certificate available in over 85 countries and accepted by nearly all universities in the US and many across the world.

What is a good score on the GED test?

The four GED scoring ranges are as follows: 1 100-144: scoring in this range means failing the subtest. 2 145-164: scoring in this range means the test-takers have a high school equivalent level of skills and knowledge. 3 164-174: scoring in this range indicates that students are college-ready.

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What can I do with a Grade 12 equivalent?

Once you have a grade 12 equivalent*, a whole range of new opportunities for work and study will be available to you. But most importantly, you will have proved to yourself that YOU CAN do anything you set your mind to. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Don’t let anything stand in your way.