How many floors are in Sao?

How many floors are in Sao?

100 floors
There are 100 floors in the game, each with its own theme, monsters, dungeons, and quests.

How many players survived Sao?

6,147 survivors
Later, Kirito exposed Heathcliff as Kayaba after the 75th Floor Boss. He faced him in a one on one duel with a condition; to allow every player to logout if Kirito wins, and manages to defeat him ending SAO with a total of 6,147 survivors.

How many players died in Sao?

Psychologically, many players experienced extreme despair, grief, insanity and sadness during the course of the death game. Of the total 3,853 deaths, over half occurred in the first month of SAO.

What currency do they use in Sao?

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Cor (コル, Koru?) is the form of currency in the world of Sword Art Online.

What is max level in Sao?

Currently, the level cap in the game is 70. There are a few ways you can hit this level, but once you do, that’s it… for now at least.

Can you get married in Sword Art Online integral factor?

Marriage. Players can become married if one player opens up their menu, selects the “Marriage” option and sends a marriage request to the other player and the other player accepts the request via a small pop-up window that appears as soon as the request is sent.

Who is Sachi to kirito?

In the web novel, Sachi was Kirito’s first love prior to Asuna. In addition to this, Kirito’s and Sachi’s relationship was depicted as being more intimate, and close in the web novel version of the story.

Is kikuoka a bad guy?

Kikuoka uses Kirito for GGO because Kirito is the best VRMMO player he knows. He also uses Kirito in the Alicization arc, but he’s saving his life in the process. Kikuoka is not bad. He just has very different priorities that aren’t really copasetic to what Kirito is all about.

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What does COL mean in Sword Art Online?

Col is the natural currency in the game. Many items are sold on Floor 1 in the shops, ranging from prices such as 1000 col to 50,000 col. Players may gain col from fighting against monsters such as boars and wolves, and use them to buy items.

What is kirito currency?

Item Information Yrd (ユルド, Yurudo?) is the currency used in ALfheim Online. Cor transferred from Sword Art Online is automatically converted to Yrd, without corruption of data. However, it cannot be transferred to other VRMMO games. The highest value denomination is mithril coin, each representing 100,000 Yrd.

What is Sword Art Online Integral Factor?

While familiar faces from the anime like Kirito and Asuna will appear from time to time, the main star of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is you — with an alternate storyline that tasks you to discover the secrets of the online death game.

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Is Sword Art Online an MMORPG?

It also stands to reason that the latest Sword Art Online game is an MMORPG — and in this particular iteration, Bandai Namco Entertainment has brought the experience to the small screen on both Android and iOS .

Can mobs drop crafting materials in Dungeons?

Mobs found in dungeons or labyrinth under the same name as on the field can drop the same unique crafting material and quest items. Every enemy always has a chance to drop multiple items at once. Starting from 8th Floor, mob-specific crafting materials can’t be obtained in dungeons and labyrinths.

What is Kirito’s sword used for?

Sword used by Kirito against Nicholas The Renegade . A weapon sold at Horunka Village . A rare drop from a Taurus Ringhurler. Can be used for augmenting punches or thrown like a disc.