Why is Sony selling less PS5?

Why is Sony selling less PS5?

As expected, the reason is “logistics issues and part shortages,” which have grown to be more severe for Sony, according to its chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki in an investors call in October. The PS5 is the first Sony console that reached 10 million units sold the fastest; Sony achieved this milestone in July.

Is there a shortage of PS5 in Japan?

The PS5 has had a much greater demand at launch, which has been limited by a shortage of consoles. Despite this, the PS5 has hit a major sales milestone in Japan. According to Famitsu, the PS5 has sold one million units in Japan.

Is PS5 doing well in Japan?

PS5 Sales Top 1 Million in Japan – Sales The PS5 has sold 1,012,656 units in Japan. The standard model with the disc drive accounts for 847,421 units sold, while the Digital Edition has sold 165,235 units. Sony launched the PS5 in Japan on November 12, 2020 and reached one million units sold in 43 weeks.

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Why is there so much PS5 shortage?

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have been plagued by supply shortages since they released at the end of last year, and the problem is rooted in a mixture of chip shortages and logistics issues caused by the pandemic. The word from PlayStation and Xbox on console shortages hasn’t been positive.

Can you buy a new PS Vita?

Sony technically discontinued the PS Vita in 2019, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to source a brand new unit in 2021, although we’re sure there are a few seals systems out there. You’re more likely to be purchasing the portable second-hand from a reseller like GameStop, CEX, or eBay.

Is PlayStation failing in Japan?

PlayStation is in ‘Decisive Decline’ in Japan Following Lackluster PS5 Launch, According to Analyst – News. The PlayStation 5 launched in Japan on day one, however, it has only sold about 242,000 units as of December 20. This is the worst ever for the launch of a PlayStation system, other than the PSP.

Is Sony abandoning Japan?

We recently got the news that Sony is going to be shuttering Japan Studio, the prestige in house Sony development team that ranks as among its oldest (and responsible for some highly iconic, beloved, and critically and commercially successful games) almost entirely, including even the third party support and …

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What’s wrong with the PS5?

Reports of PS5 issues include crashes, software issues, a frustrating whine, and even systems being bricked. While it’s difficult to gauge just how widespread the problems are, anyone who spends $499 on a new console expects it to arrive free of issues.

Why did Sony stop making PS Vita?

Sony stopped supporting the PS Vita because financially it just wasn’t worth it. With the advent of smartphones there just isn’t as much demand for handheld consoles. So if you are making a handheld system, you need to have a very clear and easy to understand message for why someone should buy it.

Does PlayStation sell well in Japan?

According to Famitsu, the PlayStation 5 has surpassed one million units sold in Japan alone. This number combines sales of both the regular console and the disc-less Digital Edition in the country.

Are PS5 games still selling poorly in Japan?

PS5 Games Are Still Selling Poorly at Retail in Japan Rift Apart moves just 14k boxed copies by Sammy BarkerThu 17th Jun 2021 Share: 0 Now that stock is slowly becoming more available, the PlayStation 5 is selling much better in Japan.

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Is the PS5 losing money or making money?

Part of the reason for their record profits is still due to PlayStation, however. While the PS5 is losing money as a hardware unit, Sony’s gaming division is up 50\% from last year, thanks to game sales, PS Plus and digital downloads like DLC and microtransactions, with PS Plus adding 9 million more subscribers from a year ago.

How many units has PS5 sold so far?

Update:Just as a quick update to this article, the new Famitsu sales datafor the period spanning 22nd March to 28th March has now been published. PlayStation 5 continued its excellent sales streak, shifting another 62,295 units, putting its life-to-date total at 580,211 units.

Is Sony selling PS5 at a loss on disc?

Though Sony also sells a disc model PS5 for $500, and that has been the more widely available version since launch, even if it’s not the one most players want. It seems as if they’re selling at a loss on both consoles. Is Microsoft as well, with the Series X having a power edge over PS5?