Which Spitfire variant was the best?

Which Spitfire variant was the best?

IX was the best version. It retained the sweet handling of the earlier versions, while having performance to match contemporary Luftwaffe fighters. Although the later Griffon engined versions were faster (the Mk. XIV had a top speed 448mph compared to the Mk.

Did the Spitfire have cannons?

It was a “universal” wing that could take eight . 303in machine guns, four 20mm cannon or two 20mm cannon and four machine guns. Each cannon now had 120 rounds, compared to the 60 of the “b” wing.

How many Spitfires were shot down?

Production was slow at first, but by September 1940 it was in service with 18 RAF squadrons. Spitfires shot down a total of 529 enemy aircraft, for a loss of 230 of their own.

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Where were Spitfire guns mounted?

In June 1939, a Spitfire was fitted with a drum-fed Hispano in each wing, an installation that required large blisters on the wing to cover the 60-round drum. The cannon suffered frequent stoppages, mostly because the guns were mounted on their sides to fit as much.

How did Heinkel’s he219 stop the British bomber raids?

The British bomber raids were launched at night. Therefore, effective night fighters were needed to stop them. As the need to counter the British increased, the authorities asked Ernst Heinkel to revive his neglected design and adapt it as a night fighter. At last, a prototype of the He219 was given its chance to take to the skies.

What was the Heinkel He 219 Uhu?

The Heinkel He 219 Uhu (“Eagle-Owl”) was a night fighter that served with the German Luftwaffe in the later stages of World War II.

What made the German He 219 so special?

A plane that could be used in multiple roles increased an air force’s flexibility and created efficiencies in maintenance and training, as the same parts and skills could be used across different versions. Heinkel He 219 as a night fighter. By Bundesarchiv – CC BY-SA 3.0 de Germany was home to several excellent warplane design teams.

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What was the maximum speed of the German he219?

The He219 was slow for a fighter plane, with a maximum speed of 286 miles per hour. This would have made it useless as a daytime fighter plane, unable to keep up with Allied aircraft.