Which DASA is good for Taurus ascendant?

Which DASA is good for Taurus ascendant?

– Now, Maraka Houses for Taurus Ascendant can get activated during dasha of Mercury or Mars or Ketu or any planet which is in 2 nd house/Gemini or 7 th house/Scorpio. Also, the dasha of lord of sign/nakshatra in which Mercury or Mars or Ketu is placed will activate them and maraka dasha.

Is Retrograde Jupiter good for Taurus ascendant?

Retrograde Jupiter in Sixth House in Taurus. When retrograde Jupiter is placed in the sixth house of a horoscope in Taurus, Sagittarius rises in the ascendant. Retrograde Jupiter in the sixth house of horoscope in Taurus is benefic in most cases, though it may turn malefic in some cases.

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Is Jupiter debilitated in Taurus?

Moon gets exalted in Taurus and it is debilitated in Scorpio. Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer and it is debilitated in Capricorn. Venus gets exalted in Pisces and it is debilitated in Virgo. Mars gets exalted in Capricorn and it is debilitated in Cancer.

Which Dasha is bad for Taurus ascendant?

So, a Taurus ascendant person needs to be more careful with Mars-Ketu dasha than Mercury dasha.

Who is the Lord of 5th House in Taurus ascendant?

Mercury – Mercury also can be 2nd house ruler through its two signs. So, let’s take both one after the other. Taurus Ascendant – If it is Taurus Ascendant, Mercury rules 2nd & 5th houses and sits in 5th house in Virgo, where it is exalted. Clearly shows someone who is smart with numbers, a great mathematician.

What happens when Jupiter is in 5th house in Vedic astrology?

Jupiter is about higher wisdom, faith, and spirituality while the 5th house belongs to the triangle of righteousness or Dharma Trikona. Accordingly, a dignified Jupiter in the 5th house creates a very faithful, honest, and righteous person. The wisdom and spiritual energies of Jupiter expand the hearts of these natives as well.

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What does Jupiter in the 9th house mean in astrology?

Jupiter aspects the 9th, 11th, and 1st house from its position in the 5th house. Accordingly, the considered combination provides higher wisdom, intelligence, and gains in abundance as well as shaping the overall personality of the native.

What happens when Jupiter is undignified in the considered house?

Jupiter in the considered house tends to expand the number of children. On the contrary, if Jupiter is undignified in this house, it indicates that children are ungrateful and prone to detach from the native morally. The native also offers very little affection and support to their children and develops bitter relations with them.