Where I can sell my architectural designs?

Where I can sell my architectural designs?

Archibrix – the online marketplace for architectural designs.

What are the 3 types of architectural models?

There are three different types of architectural design models:

  • Concept design model. During the initial stage of your design ideas, it can be helpful to see the beginning form and shape.
  • Working design model.
  • Concept presentation model.

How do I market my architecture?

Marketing for Architects: 7 Low- or No-Cost Ways to Elevate Your Small Firm

  1. Don’t Underestimate Social Media for Architect Marketing.
  2. Build Trust in Your Brand.
  3. Speaking of That Elevator Pitch …
  4. Get Prospects to Opt In.
  5. Stay at the Forefront of Technology in Architectural Marketing.
  6. Become Involved in the Community.

Where can I sell house designs?

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Plantribe – The marketplace to buy and sell house plans.

How do I sell my architectural services?

Figure out what the client wants, and make it a point to meet those needs. 4) Don’t be needy: Some architects sound too needy while pitching to new clients. Instead of offering genuine solutions, they try to entice clients with discounted services. Yes, most clients will want to spend as little as possible.

Can you sell home designs?

It needs to be professional. Include a resume, references, and any past home design projects you completed and sold. You not only want to market your home designs to big firms that can sell them to residential and commercial customers, you also want to reach those target markets directly yourself.

What do architects call their models?

Architectural models
Architectural models are used by architects for a range of purposes: Ad hoc models, or sketch models, are sometimes made to study the interaction of volumes, different viewpoints, or concepts during the design process.

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What scale are most architectural models?

The most widely used scales for building models are 1:100, 1:150, 1:200 and 1:300. The balconies, windows and detailed building facades, etc can be shown at these scales. 1:100 to 1:300 scales are widely used for making building models. The buildings’ facades can be well represented using these scales.

How do you sell an architectural firm?

While her call was to inquire about our current staffing needs, I shared my thoughts about my career move. It was then she mentioned another client’s search for a Principal-level architect with substantial commercial experience to help them lead and grow their commercial practice. That firm was VLK Architects.

How do you pitch to an architect?

  1. Knowledge & Expertise. Architects place high value on their time and so should your team.
  2. Be Responsive. The core of engagement is relationship building.
  3. Process Is Everything.
  4. Communicate on Their Terms.
  5. Convey Confidence and Trust.
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