Where does training for Accenture take place in India?

Where does training for Accenture take place in India?

Training for Accenture takes place at the following places: 1 Pune 2 Mumbai 3 Gurgaon 4 Chennai 5 Hyderabad 6 Bengaluru (Huge capacity)

How can a fresher check in to Accenture?

You will get many freshers checking- in with you in same hotel and you will need to share your room with one of Accenture fresher employees. As freshers, your documents need to be verified . That process is completed in 5-star hotel.

Which is better Accenture Gurgram or Accenture Bengaluru?

Accenture Bengaluru could be preferred choice if you are looking to switch in near future. As bengaluru tops IT, this location shall get you more opportunities in future. If you wish to stabilize then you may opt gurgram as bengaluru is notorious for traffic and it may hinder your peace.

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What is the recruitment process in Accenture?

In Accenture Recruitment process, pre-presentation talk is the first one, In this, the HR of Accenture will talk about various things about the Company. They will explain everything about the company, salary, etc.Accenture conducts 3 assessment rounds in the Zonal Level Hiring Test.

Which is the best place to stay in Bangalore for Accenture?

Therefore, If moving to Bangalore, Chose a stay which is near to office. Accenture has full fledged facilities running in Bangalore and it has 10 offices spread in the city. One thing can be assured: Accenture is the company which is good in measures of infrastructures.

What is the innovation hub at Accenture?

The Innovation Hub brings to life all elements of the Accenture Innovation Architecture—from research, ventures, labs and studios to innovation centers and delivery centers—by combining these with our deep industry experience to deliver tangible client outcomes.

Which city in India has the highest number of Accenture offices?

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Bangalore has the highest number of Accenture offices, which means more number of projects. Accenture Kolkata has the least when compared to the rest. The location totally depends on your preference. living expense in Bangalore and Mumbai is much higher compared to Pune, Hyderabad or Kolkata. Hey.