What stand beats wonder of U?

What stand beats wonder of U?

Tusk act 4. This one is kind of debatable but I believe it can beat wonder of u. The infinite rotation that Gappy is using right now got past the stand’s defenses as we know from the latest chapter.

Is tooru the main villain?

Tooru is the main antagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion. Introduced as Yasuho Hirose’s ex-boyfriend from high school, he is first introduced as an ally, but is later revealed to be a Rock Human and the mastermind behind the Locacaca Organization. He is a Stand User who wields the mighty Wonder of U.

Is Wonder of UA sentient Stand?

Wonder of U (ワンダー・オブ・ U ユー Wandā Obu Yū) is the Stand of Tooru featured in the eighth part of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion, and introduced in the “The Wonder of You” story arc. It is a sentient Stand that acts as the head doctor of TG University Hospital using the name Satoru Akefu (明負 悟 Akefu Satoru).

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Can Tusk move through stopped time?

Infinite Rotation Moreover, Tusk ACT4 defies the laws of gravity and therefore can move slightly and probably still influence Diego during the stopped time. The damage caused by the rotation is stated to be probably infinite as well.

Who is the true villain in JoJolion?

Jobin Higashikata is the central antagonist of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: JoJolion. He is the eldest son of Norisuke Higashikata IV and Kaato Higashikata and also the only member of the Locacaca Organization who is not a Rock Human.

Who is main villain in JoJolion?

Can wonder of U beat GER in a fight?

Wonder of U ability would most likely be nullified by GER’s ability RtZ ( Reset to Zero ), so no Wonder of U isn’t the only stand that is capable stand of beating GER, because Wonder of U can’t beat GER. No Stand beats GER. He can just revert the fight back to before, and then Death Loop Wonder Of U.

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Could GER beat twoh in Jo Jo?

NOTHING, besides OTHER time-related stands, can move when time is stopped and GER is not a time related stand. If TWOH doesn’t timestop, GER wins easily, if he does time stop GER loses without even fighting. It’s that simple. In Jo Jo, could GER, in theory, beat The World Over Heaven? And yes this one is tough. Very tough.

How does wonderwonder of U work?

Wonder of U uses a concept known otherwise as “Calamity”. Basically this ability targets anyone who sees the back of the stand or even possesses the intent to pursue or attack Tooru or even The Stand’s human form Satoru Akefu.

What happens to Ger in Wonder of U?

TLDR: WoU outhaxes GER, and instantly kills him on eye contact with Tooru. Wonder of U uses a concept of calamity, which is more a manipulation of fate, like bites the dust fating people to explode. This means that GER doesn’t care, as it is exempt from fate, as seen with king crimson’s epitaph.

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