What is the course name of 10th class?

What is the course name of 10th class?

The Secondary School Certificate, also called SSC or Matriculation examination, in madrasah education Dakhil is a public examination in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan conducted by educational boards for the successful completion of the secondary education exam in these countries.

What is course duration in TCS application form?

course duration details. Similarly, you need to enter the date range of minimum 12 months up to maximum 16 months in your XII (12th) Std. course duration details. For example: For 10th/12th Std., please enter your course duration as 01/06/YYYY to 31/05/YYYY.

What is the course duration of 10th?

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My profile : 10th- 77\%, 12th- 87\% and B.Com- 57.55\%. Hi, minimum score in degree is 50\% You will get call from the institute if you score well in CAT but the admission is based on the overall performance which includes Group discussion,Personal inter…

What is the course duration of class 12?

Generally, the duration of undergraduate courses after Class 12 is 3 years or 4 years long. But the duration of the Integrated course is 5 years. Students can pursue any of the following undergraduate courses for 12th passed students in commerce, arts, PCM or PCB as per their interest and eligibility.

How can I select my nationality in TCS?

Nationality: Choose the valid option from the drop down menu. Minority Status: Choose the valid option from the drop down menu….

  1. Select the Programme Type option Undergraduate or Post Graduate.
  2. Select the appropriate Programme.
  3. Select branch of your choice.
  4. If selecting multiple branch then give preferences.
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What do we call 12th pass?

12th pass : Intermediate. Bachelor degree pass : Graduate.

How to enter duration of Class XII on TCS next step portal?

Assuming you are entering your educational qualification of class XII on TCS Next step portal, I think you need to enter the duration of just one year of class XII rather than entering for both XI and XII. I completed my XII in 2010. So I mentioned the duration from 2009–10. I filled the application before 2 years.

What is the course duration for X std in TCS?

Please note you need to enter 12 months as your Course Duration in your X & XII std while filling the TCS Application Form. Please note you need to enter minimum 11 months upto maximum 16 months in your X std Course duration details.

What is the duration of TCS CSE course?

The course duration must be between 12 and 16 months. If the start and end date does not imply that, then such pop-ups will come. You can call on to the customer Care for any queries they will help you out TCS HELP LINE 1800 209 311

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Does TCS allow any candidate with less than 60\% in 12th?

You just need to specify your 12th class period, i.e. starting and end date. It doesn’t require to have implicit details about 11th class or it’s duration. Does tcs allow any candidate for placement having less than 60\% in 12th? All of the answers here are stating “NO”. But i was able to join TCS with less than 60\% in my 12th exam.