What is a Kost in Indonesia?

What is a Kost in Indonesia?

What is a kost? Simply put, a kost is Indonesia’s version of an affordable apartment. Depending on your budget, you can often find a kost with a range of included features or services such as a TV connected to the local network, free electricity, daily/weekly laundry service, room cleaning and breakfast.

What is a kost house?

Definition of a Kost It is a room renting in Indonesia. Most of kost have their main building that was intentionally built for it. But there’s also a kost that is a room under a house that is family-owned so that you’ll live with a host family of the house. By renting a kos-kosan, that means you’re renting a room only.

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What is kontrakan?

Kontrakan is a house you rent for a month or a year, also it depends on the owner.

What is kos in English?

kos in British English (kəʊs ) nounWord forms: plural kos. an Indian unit of distance having different values in different localities. It is usually between 1 and 3 miles or 1 and 5 kilometres. Also called: coss.

What is the English name for Sorakkai?

Sorakkai /Bottle Gourd It is one of the healthiest vegetables. Other names of Sorakkai are calabash gourd, white-flowered gourd, long melon. It is a slender, long and bottle-shaped vegetable.

What does KO mean in Filipino?

Definition of ‘ko: ‘ko is an alternate spelling of the Tagalog word akó. Base word: akó [ang pronoun] I; me; (first person pronoun); self. Go to main entry for ako »

What is Lauki english?

Calabash (Lagenaria siceraria), also known as bottle gourd, white-flowered gourd, long melon, birdhouse gourd, New Guinea bean and Tasmania bean, is a vine grown for its fruit.

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What is the english name for Pudalangai?

What is the Pudalangai called in english. Pudalangai in english is Snake Guard.

What language is Mahal kayo?

Results for :mahal ko kayo translation from Tagalog to English.

What is Toru called in English?

Names of common vegetables in English and Hindi languages

English Name Hindi Name
Pumpkin कद्दू Kaddu
Radish मूली Mooli, muli
Ridged gourd तोरी Turai, Tori

What we call Parangikai in english?

white pumpkin. Last Update: 2017-09-24.

How to translate a text from Indonesian to English for free?

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How to use indindonesian to English translation?

Indonesian to English Translation is very easy and free to use. Indonesian to English translator uses Google’s Language Translation API to translate from English to Indonesian online. Indonesian to English translator is a FREE language converter to translate texts, documents, sentences, phrases, web pages.

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What is an Indonesian term for room and board?

However this Indonesian term is an abbreviation of the term indekos(t), this is derived from the Dutch phrase in de kost zijn (Jones 2007). This means to rent a room and board. Someone who rents a room is called orang indekosan, or orang kos-kosan, in Dutch this is called a kostganger or a boarder in English.

What skills do you need to become an Indonesian to English translator?

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