What do you call Air Force One when the president is not on it?

What do you call Air Force One when the president is not on it?

Planes carrying the vice president are designated as. When VC-25A or the currently under development VC-25B, are in the air but not carrying the president, air traffic controllers may refer to them by their tail numbers, Special Air Missions (SAM) 28000 and 29000, or by a call sign of their choosing.

Is there an Air Force One that is not a 747?

The Boeing VC-25 is a military version of the Boeing 747 airliner, modified for presidential transport and operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) as Air Force One, the call sign of any U.S. Air Force aircraft carrying the president of the United States.

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Is there a smaller version of Air Force One?

The Boeing C-32 is the United States Air Force designation for variants of the Boeing 757 in military service. Two variants currently exist, filling different parts of the military passenger transport role.

Does providing air traffic control mean first come first serviced?

Provide air traffic control service to aircraft on a “first come, first served” basis as circumstances permit, except the following: It is solely the pilot’s prerogative to cancel an IFR flight plan. However, a pilot’s retention of an IFR flight plan does not afford priority over VFR aircraft.

What are the other procedures/minima prescribed by the FAA?

Other procedures/minima are prescribed in a letter of agreement, FAA directive, or a military document, or: These procedures may include altitude reservations, air refueling, fighter interceptor operations, law enforcement, etc.

Does ATC provide air traffic control services to model aircraft?

Air Traffic Control services are not provided for model aircraft operating in the NAS or to any UAS operating in the NAS at or below 400ft AGL. This does not prohibit ATC from providing services to civil and public UAS. The provisions of this paragraph apply to model aircraft operating at any altitude.

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