What are dual forms used for?

What are dual forms used for?

Dual forms are for creating flawless nails every time. No sculpting needed. Dual forms can be used with acrylic, hard gel and poly gel systems to create beautiful nails fast. The dual forms are re usable and you will receive 120 pcs in a box in a range of sizes to fit.

Can you infill builder gel?

When the builder gel begins to grow out, you can infill just like you would with acrylic, or remove the set and apply another straight away – providing the nail is still in good condition.

Are reusable dual nail forms easy to use?

Reusable dual nail forms can actually make your work on your nails much easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re using dual forms with acrylics or hard gels, Dual forms will shave off a lot of your manicure work time. Reusable nail forms are super easy to use, just pick the right size form and prep your nails correctly.

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Should you use dual forms with hard gels or acrylics?

You probably saw tons of videos where people were using dual forms with acrylics and with hard gels. Dual forms can make your work super easy and fast with minimum filling, but if you don’t use dual forms correctly, your nails won’t last a day.

How do you apply hard gel nail extensions with dual forms?

So, when I do my hard gel nail extensions with dual forms, I usually use the dual form and then add strength with an overlay of hard gel to secure the nail’s stress point. Tip: You can also do the dual form application on tips (no matter if you’re using gel or acrylics) that way you will save filing under the nail time.

How do I remove the dual form of the nail polish?

You can gently use a pinching tool on the sides of the dual form, and it will pop off. After removing the dual form take a bead of hard gel and apply it to the nail and lightly pillow the bead as close to the cuticle area without actually touching it. Then, gently bring it down to the tip and cure the nails in LED/UV lamp again.

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