Is smart watch allowed in NDA?

Is smart watch allowed in NDA?

According to the rules and regulations of the examination, all electronic devices like phones, calculators, digital watches, phones etc. are prohibited inside the examination hall.

Can we take books to NDA?

You must have smart preparation. In these books for NDA, candidates will find details about chapters and important topics asked in the exam….Best books for NDA Mathematics.

Book Name Author/Publisher
Quantitative Aptitude for competitive examinations RS Aggarwal
NDA Entrance Exam ES Ramasamy

Where do Indian Army cadets go after passing out from NDA?

3. On passing out from the National Defence Academy, Army Cadets go to the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun, Naval Cadets to Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala and Air Force cadets to AIR FORCE ACADEMY, HYDERABAD. 4.

What is the first day of NDA training like?

After you pass the written exam, SSB interview and medical test you will be in the academy. You will be allotted your rooms. NDA training begins on the very first day. On the first day, you will learn the rules and regulations of the Academy.

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What is the washout rate of National Defence Academy?

A disturbing 16-20 per cent drop rate per course! As of 2018, over 1,200 cadets of the premier tri-services college, the National defence academy have quit, in the middle of their three-year training curriculum in the past ten years. The average washout rate of cadets is at an alarming 16 to 20 per cent of the overall course intake.

Does the NDA produce creative military leaders?

The former Army Commander recommends that “The NDA should be producing creative leaders, driven by military ideals, but ends up producing ‘adherent under supervision leaders’ whose NDA traits remain latent and come to the fore when they get higher independent commands.”