Is it necessary to use minoxidil after PRP?

Is it necessary to use minoxidil after PRP?

It gradually enlarges the miniaturized hair follicle to full grown hairs. The first 12 months of treatment is very important and Minoxidil should be continued twice daily or else the expected benefits may not happen.

What treatment is better than PRP?

Laser Treatment For Hair Loss Vs PRP: It helps to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. Laser therapy uses the light of a defined wavelength to target the affected areas of the scalp and improve blood circulation to decrease hair loss.

Will PRP thicken my hair?

Yes, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can help thicken hair by improving the blood flow to the hair follicles. Unlike prescription drugs, PRP has little or no known side effects.

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Does PRP reduce DHT?

No, PRP does not increase the level of DHT in our scalp. This is because the platelet-rich plasma only consists of carefully extracted growth factors. The plasma doesn’t affect the level of DHT, it simply nourishes the scalp, resulting in hair re-growth and restoration.

Is PRP more effective than Minoxidil for hair loss?

Increases in vellus hair is a sign of progress, but mature shaft development is the ultimate aim of hair growth therapies. Researchers concluded PRP was more effective than minoxidil because patients in the PRP group had earlier and better responses, as well as a significant decrease in short vellus hair, yellow dots and dystrophic hair.

What are the side effects of PRP treatments?

It is important to note that the autologous nature PRP treatments eliminates the risk of adverse side effects for patients receiving the therapy. Contrarily, minoxidil can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Adverse reactions to minoxidil also include increased hair loss because of the synchronization of the hair cycle.

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Is PRP better than finasteride for hair loss?

“Overall, after six months, combination of PRP and minoxidil five percent showed superiority in some mean hair count, hair density, anagen and telogen percentages, and mean anagen/telogen ratio in comparison with the association of PRP and finasteride one milligram,” the researchers wrote.

Does PRP increase vellus hairs?

In the PRP group, researchers observed a statistically significant increase in fully pigmented hairs. While patients in the minoxidil group showed a significant increase in the average number of short vellus hairs. The presence of vellus hairs suggests disease remission, ³ but vellus hairs are not fully mature and do not satisfy patient concerns.