Is it legal to use Google in China?

Is it legal to use Google in China?

“The block is indiscriminate as all Google services in all countries, encrypted or not, are now blocked in China. This blockage includes Google search, images, Gmail and almost all other products. In addition, the block covers Google Hong Kong,, and all other country specific versions, e.g., Google Japan.

What does China use instead of Gmail?

Gmail is blocked in China. People use QQ email service to send and receive E-mails.

Can I use Google meet in China?

No. Google is freely accessible in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. These countries are not behind mainland China’s Great Firewall. A VPN is not necessary to use them, but travelers might still want a VPN for additional security while abroad.

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Is Google Play blocked in China?

Generally speaking, Google Play is blocked in China. If you still want to have access to it, you have to install a VPN app on your smartphone. It’s better to download the VPN app before you arrive in China because since Google Play is blocked in China, it’s challenging to download new apps, unless you already have a VPN installed on your phone.

Why doesn’t Google work in China?

Note that even with the VPN enabled, some apps just don’t work well in China because Google has no official presence there. Wave and Maps, for instance, aren’t as robust as they are in other countries. If you buy an Android phone from inside China, there is no way to install Google apps on it without replacing the operating system.

Why can’t you buy Android phones in China?

Android is China’s most popular mobile operating system, but, paradoxically, smartphones sold in China cannot have Google services pre-installed. That means stock Android and any other western versions of Android that come preloaded with apps like Gmail, Drive, Translate, and Google Play are not allowed to be sold in the country.

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Why can’t I install Google Apps on my Android phone in China?

This makes it impossible to install any Google apps on the device without rooting it and completely replacing the operating system. is blocked in China, including the Android Device Manager tool that allows users to remotely locate and wipe their phones if lost or stolen.