Is coding blocks interview preparation course good?

Is coding blocks interview preparation course good?

I attended the machine learning bootcamp in Winter 2016 and loved it which made me join the full course. Shubham bhaiya and Ayush bhaiya(TA) have good knowledge about the field and were very helpful in making us understand the concepts. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who has interest in Data science.

Is coding ninjas interview preparation course good?

The course is pretty amazing. The curriculum is well documented and the division of the syllabus class-wise is very optimal and helps the student to grasp the concepts. The video lectures and hint videos aid a lot in learning. The courses at Coding Ninjas are actually mathematical and the support is great.

How is coding ninjas interview preparation course Quora?

I did the Coding Ninjas Online Interview preparation course in summers(2017) and I feel this course is Apt. for people looking for revision in the last two months before placements/internships. I was comfortable with DS before , but the distribution of time spent on each topic helped me to prepare everything.

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Where should I prepare for coding interview?

A few great websites to help you practice code challenges in varying degrees of difficulty include LeetCode, Codewars, and AlgoExpert. These code challenges help build the essential hard skills you need to perform well in a coding interview technically.

Which is the best online coding interview course for beginners?

The online coding Interview Course by Coding Blocks is the place for you. This self-paced online Interview preparation course bridges the gap between the theoretical knowledge and the quick coding tricks and tips that the industry employers look for in their potential candidates.

What is the difference between coding ninjas and interview preparation?

Any query raised will be solved within hours in Interview prep whereas Coding Ninjas take upto a day. It gets frustrated if your doubts are not solved while coding,trust me.

Does coding ninjas have a good placement team?

Surprisingly many institutes do not focus on this,but Interview Prep does.They have various mock interviews conducted online and their placement assistance is top-notch in this industry.Coding Ninjas have a placement team but they cannot match the quality of Applied AI team.

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Where can I find a one-stop solution for programming interviews?

Want a curriculum to give you a one-stop solution for all your programming interviews? The online coding Interview Course by Coding Blocks is the place for you.