Is B Arch compulsory for M arch?

Is B Arch compulsory for M arch?

Usually one can get through GATE or PGCET exam for this course. One must complete B. Arch with minimum 50\% in academics along with good score in either of the above mentioned exams.

Can anybody be an architect?

It is actually illegal in the United States to call yourself an Architect, until you have met all the requirements and passed the Architect Registration Exam. After college can call yourself a: Designer, Architectural (fill in the blank), anything flies, as long as it is not “Architect”.

Can non architects design buildings?

You don’t need to be an architect to design buildings, says Dror Benshetrit.

What is a Bachelor of Architecture degree?

The details of a B.Arch program, and how it fits into the process of becoming an architect, vary from country to country, but the gist is the same everywhere: this is a professional degree that will fast-track you to the architecture profession. Save this picture! Rudolph Hall at the Yale Art + Architecture Building.

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What kind of Education is required to become an architect?

Others might have received a B.S. or B.A. in architecture—or even a B.Arch—and choose to attend graduate school to deepen their theoretical understanding of architectural practice.

What are the job opportunities for an architecture graduate?

Architects have lots of job opportunities in architect firms, universities, consultancy companies, etc. Global market, especially in the USA, Australia and Dubai provide attractive career and jobs for architecture graduates. Architects can work in the office as well as in the construction site.

How to become an architectural consultant?

You can pursue Master degree or further studies in architecture field. You can also work as a lecturer in various Institutions. You can also work with an architectural firm or under the supervision of a well-established architect. As an Architectural Consultant, you can work in different construction companies.