Is a GED as good as a diploma?

Is a GED as good as a diploma?

Basically, a GED is a series of tests used to show if you have a high school level education or not. Once you’ve earned your GED, it’s practically as good as an actual diploma. Studies say 96\% of employers accept a GED as being equal to a diploma. Community colleges will accept GEDs with no hassle.

Is a GED better than nothing?

When a GED exam is taken, it’s a general certificate that allows the person to study at their own pace to obtain their certificate. Again, a GED is better than nothing, but students tend to lose their steam when entering higher education.

Is a GED truly equivalent to a diploma?

The GED® (General Education Development) diploma is generally considered equal to a mid-level common high school diploma in terms of skills, basic information, work ethic, and so on. But the GED credential is, though the equivalency of a high school degree, not in all ways equal to a regular high school diploma, so saying that a GED is equivalent to a grade 12 would be not correct.

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Is your GED and your diploma the same thing?

The GED is not the same as a high school diploma. A GED is a series of tests that measures your ability in five subject areas to show if you have a high school level education. A high school diploma is just that; a piece of paper stating that you have passed all of your required classes and are done with school.

Is a GED and a high school diploma the same thing?

The GED is considered an equivalent to a high school diploma. It is not the same thing. A high school diploma requires four years of study, the GED is a 7 1/2 hour exam in five subject areas: science, math, social studies, reading and writing. The GED is not easy.

What college don’t require GED or diploma?

University of California Visit UOC. The University of California is a four-year university that may accept students without a high school diploma or GED.

  • Southern Technical College Visit School. Southern Technical College offers a career pathways program.
  • Columbia-Green Community College Visit School.
  • Community College of Baltimore County Visit CCBC.
  • St.
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