How does auto upgrade work on IRCTC?

How does auto upgrade work on IRCTC?

All passengers in one Passenger Name Record (PNR) are upgraded together under Indian Railways’ auto upgradation scheme. Indian Railways’ auto upgradation scheme promotes full-fare paying passengers to higher class without any extra charge against the available vacant accommodation.

How do you upgrade seats on a train?

Upgradation is automatically done by PRS (Passenger Reservation System) at the time of preparation of chart. The ticket examiners have no authority to upgrade any passenger under this scheme on the train. 2. Only waitlisted passengers are provided confirmed seats under this scheme.

Can I upgrade my train ticket from sleeper to AC?

You Can Upgrade Your Sleeper Class Train Ticket to 3 AC For Free. For those who weren’t aware of this scheme, IRCTC gives all of its customers the opportunity to choose for auto class upgradation at the time of booking mail and express train tickets on its website.

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What is meant by RLWL in railway reservation?

What is RLWL or Remote Location Waiting List? Under remote location waiting list, which is also known as RLWL category of Indian Railways, train tickets are issued to railway passengers for intermediate railway stations (that means between the originating station and the terminating station).

What is consider for auto upgradation in IRCTC app?

IRCTC Auto Upgradation Scheme: If a passenger, who has been upgraded, cancels his ticket, cancellation charges of the original class is only payable. IRCTC Auto Upgradation Scheme: Upgradation of passengers are done in one class above.

Do I need to pay for auto upgradation in Irctc?

In IRCTC, you need to check the option “ Consider for Auto Upgradation in the website while booking the train tickets online. The passengers are not charged anything extra for upgradation. So, the passengers with lower waitlist numbers stand at a higher chance of occupying a seat in the upgraded class.

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