Can Tusk Act 4 defeat Ger?

Can Tusk Act 4 defeat Ger?

GER would definitely win against Tusk Act: 4, no doubt about it. It doesn’t matter how many times Tusk tries to hit GER with the Infinite Spin, GER is gonna keep on resetting all of Tusk’s attacks.

Does Tusk Act 4 have infinite energy?

Infinite Rotation Tusk ACT4 embodies the infinite energy and rotation of the Golden Spin and is able to deploy it in various ways. Like with ACT2 and ACT3, the energy of the Spin can persist inside objects even if Johnny misses a nail shot, and can be redirected toward a target.

Can Infinity be reset to zero?

Can You Truly Return Infinity To Zero? He can’t because infinity isn’t a number,its a concept if your infinitely spinning again and again that means you have always been spinning infinitely and will forever be spinning infinitely,energy doesn’t have will and it can’t be reset because it is all that there is.

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Can Infinity be reverted to zero?

It could easily reset “Infinity” to 0, but it’s ability doesn’t work like that. GER has only ever been shown to revert attacks back to zero, and Infinity isn’t an attack it’s a defence. First things first, Infinity isn’t actually infinite.

What would happen if GER rtzed Tusk Act 4?

It keeps playing the same part over and over, but never moves past that point until it is decided to do something else. In my opinion, Tusk Act 4 would win. Since the infinite spin is always persistent throughout space and time, regardless of the circumstances, if GER were to RTZ it, it would just keep going since it is infinite.

What are the advantages of tusk 4 over GER?

No advantage or anything. Tusk 4 will wear off and GER can just beat it up. But in a scenario both do not run out,GER can use return to zero to revert actions to the time when it was about to be done,even if there is an infinite variable. It will forever loop the actions until a different action is done.

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What happens to Johnny with infinite spin in Act 4?

Tusk ACT 4 infinite spin would just attempt to hit Gold Experience Requiem but then soon after it just gets reverted back to zero in an instant. Johnny likely will get stuck in an infinite death loop by G.E.R if G.E.R so deems like it is necessary.

Does Tusk Act 4 need a horse to re-activate?

Tusk Act 4 does not need a horse to re-activate. Johnny can bring Act 4 out whenever he wishes; however, because he was capable of activating it without the need of a horse it is theorized Johnny needs a horse to use the infinite rotation. Occasionally, Tusk’s name is written with the kanji Tsume (爪, lit.