Can I practice law in US with a UK degree?

Can I practice law in US with a UK degree?

As a UK graduate, it is possible for you to practise law in the United States, subject to some rather strict conditions. American students complete a bachelor’s degree in any subject, followed by a Juris Doctor (J.D.), which is a three-year degree, making seven years of university in total.

Can International Students practice law in US?

The international student seeking a law degree in the United States must plan their educational track carefully and as early as possible in order to succeed. If a foreign student earned a law degree, or any portion thereof, in another country, they will not be eligible for the state bar exam in most states.

Can I practice law in the US with a UK law degree?

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If you study law in the UK you will get an LLB, which is not a qualifying law degree for the bar in most US states (except New York). Even if you do go to NY to practice, the law firms there value J.D.s much higher than LLBs and it would be very difficult to secure a position of the same calibre as you would in the UK with the LLB degree.

How long does it take to study law in the UK?

In the UK, undergraduate students choose 1 subject to study at university, which they study intensively for 3 years. In the US and Canada, Law School means a JD, a professional degree to be taken after completing your undergraduate studies. In the UK, there is no equivalent of a JD.

Can an international student become a lawyer in the US?

As an international student, you should be aware that typically a J.D. (Juris Doctor) from a US law school will not always prepare you to practice law in your home country, as US law schools teach the common law based on the British system. However, there are law firms around the globe that hire lawyers with a J.D. Degree.

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Can I study law abroad after my A-levels?

This means that you can all the benefits of spending some time away from the UK, but without the commitment of studying law abroad full-time. But if you decide to apply to international universities following your A-levels, you may well need to complete a conversion course should you wish to move back to the UK to practise.