Can I give CDS after BSC nursing?

Can I give CDS after BSC nursing?

Yes females as well as males are completely eligible to appear for cds exam after your graduation degree and bsc is considered as a graduation so you can go ahead all d best.

Can I give UPSC after BSC nursing?

the criteria to appear for upsc is to have a graduation degree in hand let it be of any feild. Bsc in nursing is also a graduation degree. So prepare u can appear definitely for upsc.

Can a nurse give UPSC exam?

Yes,You are eligible to apply for IAS exam after completing your B.SC NURSING course. IAS Means INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE this exam is conducted by the UPSC once a year.

Can I apply for CDS exam after BSC?

Yes. he can. A graduate from any stream is eligible to appear for Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE) conducted by the Union Service Public Commission, which opens gates to the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Officers Training Academy, Indian Naval Academy and Air Force Academy.

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Can GNM nursing student apply for UPSC?

GNM is a diploma course and not equivalent to bachelor degree course. So, you are not eligible to appear for the UPSC Civil Service Examination.

Can a nurse become IPS officer?

Yes definitely you can become an IPS officer after completion of BSc nursing course because to become an IPS officer the candidate must have graduation in any discipline and must satisfy the physical standards. Entrance exam: Civil Services exam and this exam is conducted by UPSC every year.

How to apply for CDS exam 2021?

Read the details. Both men and women can apply for 345 vacancies. To apply for both CDS (I) and (II), candidates, should check out the CDS eligibility 2021 which includes nationality, educational qualification, age, marital status, and physical conditions. Candidates who have settled in India permanently can apply for CDS Exam.

What are the eligibility criteria for CDS exam?

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1 Candidates who have settled in India permanently can apply for CDS Exam. 2 Candidates must be graduate or at least appearing in the final year/semester. 3 The minimum age limit is 19 to apply for the CDS 2021 Exam. 4 Women candidates are only eligible to apply for OTA. 5 Unmarried candidates should not be divorced.

Can a divorcee/widower apply for the CDS exam?

Note* Male divorcee/widower candidates cannot be treated as unmarried male for the purpose of their admission in IMA/INA/AFA/OTA, Chennai courses and accordingly they are not eligible for these courses. To put it simply, only unmarried candidates are eligible to apply for the CDS exam.

How to prepare for CDs General Knowledge Exam?

Check CDS General Knowledge Syllabus first Read Newspapers on a daily basis with consternation this habit increase you overall General knowledge Do more practice with Online GK test for CDS Exam via CDS mock test. Socialize with friends, colleagues, and professionals.

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