Can clonidine cause memory loss?

Can clonidine cause memory loss?

The greatest impairments with clonidine were on attention in the presence of distractors. Clonidine did not affect the formation of new long-term memories, in contrast to temazepam, but did impair measures of working memory.

What causes long term brain fog?

There are a number of possible causes of brain fog, including pregnancy, certain medications (both over-the-counter and prescribed), cancer treatment, diabetes, thyroid conditions, migraines, arthritis, dehydration, menopause, multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, lupus and Alzheimer’s disease.

How does clonidine effect the brain?

Clonidine works by affecting the activity of the brain chemical (neurotransmitter) called norepinephrine. Norepinephrine normally influences blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety in the body, but it also affects attention and arousal. This medication stabilizes certain areas of the brain, making them “less excited”.

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Do Clonidine side effects go away?

Mild side effects may go away within a few days or a couple of weeks. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if they’re more severe or don’t go away. The more common side effects that can occur with clonidine include: dry mouth and dry eyes.

What are the effects of clonidine on the body?

The central nervous system can also be adversely affected by use of clonidine. Clonidine can bring about anxiety, hallucinations, depression, and sleep disorders. These effects can be severe and dangerous, and they should be treated by medical professionals in short order.

Does clonidine cause nightmares or sleep paralysis?

If you check most monographs or standard references for clonidine you will not discover nightmares or sleep paralysis as a side effect. But if you dig a bit deeper into the official prescribing information you will discover that “sleep disorder, and vivid dreams or nightmares” are listed. How common these symptoms are is anyone’s guess.

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What are the symptoms of clonidine withdrawal?

Symptoms can include anxiety, agitation, headache, tremor and worst of all, a sudden spike in blood pressure. The blood pressure elevation can be so great as to trigger a stroke. Although the FDA advises a gradual withdrawal if clonidine must be discontinued, the agency doesn’t provide much detail.

Does statin therapy cause brain fog?

But Rosenson stresses that when it comes to statin therapy, the side effects like brain fog are rare and usually short-term. The pros often outweigh the cons, especially for people with high cholesterol or those at risk for: