Why do u want to fly?

Why do u want to fly?

It’s almost a sense of curiosity – a simple desire to feel what it might be like to fly, even for such a brief moment. This has also been called the “High Place Phenomenon”, and it’s so common that scientific studies have been commissioned on it.

What would it be like if humans could fly?

Starts here7:33What If Humans Could Fly? | Unveiled – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip59 second suggested clipAs well as rigid timetables. And flight paths. And even if you are lucky enough to own your ownMoreAs well as rigid timetables. And flight paths. And even if you are lucky enough to own your own plane. You’re still limited by how much fuel you can carry. And what the weather’s.

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How I wish I could fly short paragraph?

If I had wings I would keep on flying in the limitless sky. I would feel the breeze on my face and hair. Also if I could fly I would look around and help people who are in need. However, it is impossible to have wings and fly above like a bird.

What would you do if you could fly like a bird?

What else would you do? Ans. If I could fly like a bird then I would like to travel all around the world. I would like to race with other birds.

Why do I want to be a flight attendant answer?

“I want to become a flight attendant because I love to travel and meet people from other cultures.” The primary function of a flight attendant is that of looking after the safety and welfare of their passengers.

What if I were a bird essay?

I always had admired different kinds of beautiful birds who fly freely above us. They look so happy and carefree. I feel if I were a bird, I could also fly above my house and above this place. I could fly above the buildings, mountains and hills and look down on people’s houses and all through the city.

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How would it feel to fly like a bird?

Starts here5:47Could Humans Fly Like Birds? – Sciencey Series 1 Ep 2 (23 August …YouTube

Can you fly like a bird answer?

No, man cannot fly like birds. Birds have wings and they fly with their help but man does not have wings. An aeroplane has two wings and a tail, it can move its tail but it cannot move its wings.