Why do planes not fly higher?

Why do planes not fly higher?

Because the lowest possible speed and highest possible speeds converge. As the aircraft gets lighter (burns fuel), the minimum (safe) speed it can fly decreases, and then it can climb a little higher during a flight. The maximum speed is limited by the speed of sound, or rather, a factor of the speed of sound.

What is the temp at 38000 feet?

With an increasing altitude, it gets colder, and the average temperature at 38000 ft. is around -54 (-65 F). Colder air means that the engine will run more efficiently.

Do jets fly higher than planes?

Originally Answered: Why do private jets fly at higher altitudes than commercial jets? Yes, corporate jets can/do often fly higher. Typical cruise altitude for airliners is 30-40,000 feet. Ultra long range business jets often start at 40,000 and step climb as high as 47,000 feet or higher.

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What is the highest altitude a plane has ever flown?

The record altitude for a jet plane is 123,520 feet, set by Alexandr Fedotov in 1997 flying a military Soviet MiG-25M. Incidentally, the record for a paper plane is 89,590 feet, which did not fly to that height but was released by a helium balloon. Traveller.com.au’s airline reviews.

Why do airplanes fly so high?

Flying so high also means that aircraft are able to avoid other airborne traffic, such as light aircraft or helicopters, which fly lower, as well as insects and birds. Light aircraft do not have pressurised cabins, therefore stick below 10,000 feet. Any higher and the pilot is required to don an oxygen mask to keep conscious.

How high can an airplane fly?

Aircraft must not fly less than 1000 feet above the “highest fixed object” beneath them and pilots must make sure that they are high enough to clear the congested area below in the event of engine failure. Obviously, these don’t apply to take-off and landing when aircraft are in controlled flight paths. What about a maximum?

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Would it be more efficient to fly a plane forever climbing?

It would actually be most efficient to be forever climbing, rather than plateau when reaching say, 35,000 feet, cruising altitude, as the weight of the aircraft decreases due to fuel usage and the air thins.