Why did Ramos leave RM?

Why did Ramos leave RM?

Ramos felt like he has not been treated how he deserved, something that created a growing rift with Florentino Perez. But really it was the January meeting that set in motion the chain of events leading to his departure. And though it was only announced on Wednesday, the wheels have been in motion for a while.

What Ramos said about Real Madrid?

“You know the affection and love I have for Real Madrid,” Ramos said. “Now it’s my turn to defend PSG and I’ll do everything possible to do it. It’s the team that bet on me. I’m going to die for PSG.”

Why did Ramos leave Real?

Ramos, 35, has made 671 appearances for Real Madrid and won four Champions League and five La Liga titles, but was unable to agree a contract extension with the club. Money was never a problem, the president knew from my mouth that my issue was contract length — I wanted two years, for me and my family.”

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Is Sergio Ramos leaving PSG?

If PSG decides to do terminate former Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos’ contract, then the club will have to shell out a lot of money because of his two-year deal. Based on various reports, Sergio Ramos signed a contract with Paris Saint-Germain that will see him earn €24 million ahead of his contract expiring in 2023.

Who is the new PSG captain?

The 2020–21 season was Paris Saint-Germain F.C.’s 48th professional season and the club’s 47th consecutive season in the top flight of French football. It is the club’s 51st season in existence….

Name Goalkeepers Marquinhos (captain)
Contract ends 2024
Signed from Roma
Transfer Fee €31.5M
Apps. 323

Will PSG terminate Ramos contract?

However, his brother and agent Rene Ramos has confirmed that the 35-year-old footballer will neither retire nor terminate his PSG contract.

Has Sergio Ramos played for PSG?

Sergio Ramos has finally made his debut for Paris Saint-Germain in their Ligue 1 clash with Saint-Etienne. Ramos joined PSG on a free transfer after leaving Real Madrid in the summer, having spent the previous 16 years of his career at Santiago Bernabeu.

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What Ramos said about Messi?

Ramos spoke after the match about having Messi in the side and how he’s looking forward to the future. “He’s in good shape, and I think he’s the kind of player who really makes a difference,” Ramos told ESPN. “He’s a unique player and it’s a privilege to have him in the team.