Who is the best English football manager ever?

Who is the best English football manager ever?

Sir Bobby Robson deserves to be seen as the most successful English manager of all time for the following reasons; During his 13 years in charge of Ipswich he firmly established the side as a top six team, finishing runner up on two occasions, he also won the FA cup in 1978 and the Uefa cup in 1981.

Who was the first manager to win the premiership?

Harry Redknapp was the first Englishman to win the award….Awards won by nationality.

Country Wins
England 2
Italy 2
Germany 1
Wales 1

What manager has won the Champions League the most?

Bob Paisley
Managers with multiple titles

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Rank Manager Number of wins
1 Bob Paisley 3
Carlo Ancelotti 3
Zinedine Zidane 3
4 José Villalonga 2

Who is the youngest manager in the Premier League?

The Youngest Premier League Managers: Fresh Faces

  • Ryan Mason (29y, 312d)
  • Attilio Lombardo (32y, 67d)
  • Chris Coleman (32y, 313d)
  • Gianluca Vialli (33y, 227d)
  • André Villas-Boas (33y, 301d)
  • Who Else?

Who is the oldest manager in Champions League?

Managers with multiple titles

Rank Manager Years won
1 Bob Paisley 1977, 1978, 1981
Carlo Ancelotti 2003, 2007, 2014
Zinedine Zidane 2016, 2017, 2018
4 José Villalonga 1956, 1957

Who is the oldest manager in the Premier League?

Ranieri is the oldest current manager in the Premier League and was the oldest to manage in Serie A last season (69) by nearly six years.

Is Sir Alex Ferguson the greatest Premier League Manager of all time?

In 2013, Ferguson would retire as the greatest ever Premier League manager and as one of the greatest football managers of all time, having built and re-built some of the division’s finest ever sides.

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Who is the last English Premier League Manager to win the league?

English managers are famously not in the top Premier League jobs these days, with talented coaches from all over the world plying their trade in the world’s most lucrative division. No English boss has ever finished higher than second in the Premier League, while Howard Wilkinson is the last to win the top flight, way back in 1992 with Leeds.

Is Rafael Benitez the best manager in Premier League history?

One of the most decorated managers in the modern game, Rafael Benitez is often underrated by Premier League historians. This is largely because he never won the league title. He came closest with Liverpool, finishing second in 2008-09. But, his successes outside of that mean he has to be considered as one of the best.

How good was Antonio Conte as a Premier League Manager?

Antonio Conte’s time as a Premier League manager was brief. The Italian lasted just two seasons in England with Chelsea. Despite this though, the success that the former Juventus legend was able to achieve in that short period of time means he warrants a spot here. In addition to that, he had a huge impact on the league with his tactics.

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