Which is the best ODI match ever?

Which is the best ODI match ever?

In reply, South Africa scored 438–9, winning by one wicket with one ball to spare. The match has been acclaimed as the greatest One Day International match ever played and has been referred to as the “438 match” or “438 game” in the media.

Which is the greatest cricket match in history?

The greatest one-day match in history, and arguably the greatest game of cricket anywhere. The 100 overs of the World Cup semi-final between Australia and South Africa at Edgbaston had just about everything.

Which is the best match in IPL history?

Read on to see the 20 greatest moments in IPL history, loosely ranked in ascending order of magnitude.

  1. Gayle’s 175 not out off 66 Balls.
  2. The Very First IPL Final.
  3. Gilchrist’s 85 off Just 35 Balls.
  4. David Hussey’s Catch.
  5. Pathan’s 100 off 37 Balls.
  6. Kumble’s 5 Wickets for 5 Runs.
  7. Vijay’s 95 off 52 Balls.
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Who is the best ODI captain?

Virat Kohli as India’s ODI captain: Australia’s Ricky Ponting dominates the tally with 76.14 percent followed by South Africa’s Hansie Cronje (73.70 percent). Under Kohli’s leadership, India won 15 ODI bilateral series out of 19, which also includes victories in South Africa, Australia, and West Indies.

Who is ODI best team?

ICC ODI Rankings

Pos Team Points
1 New Zealand 2054
2 England 3793
3 Australia 3244
4 India 3624

How many ODI cricket matches have there been played in history?

January 5, 1971, is the day when it all started. That is the day when the first-ever One Day International (ODI) cricket match was played between England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and the rest is history. Now, 49 years later, over 4200 ODI cricket matches have been played.

What is the duration of an ODI match?

In this period, the ODI format has given us some nail-biting finishes, outstanding performances, and some extremely shocking wins. In cricket, ODI match duration is about 8 hours. It is fascinating if you realize how much happens in these few hours.

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How did Virender Sehwag play remarkably in the India vs Pakistan match?

Virender Sehwag played remarkably by scoring 146 runs off only 102 balls in this match. India scored its highest ODI total in this match which made everyone think that the match is in India’s hand.