Where does the saying may you live in interesting times?

Where does the saying may you live in interesting times?

The Phrase Finder website says: “’May you live in interesting times’ is widely reported as being of ancient Chinese origin but is neither Chinese nor ancient, being recent and western.” According to the site, the phrase was originally said by the American politician, Frederic R. Coudert, in 1939.

What is meant by interesting times?

It appears he used the idea of “interesting times” to mean those of disruption and danger in a speech he gave in the late-19th century, in 1898, saying: I think that you will all agree that we are living in most interesting times. It also appears Joseph Chamberlain used “interesting times” in this way in a 1901 speech.

Who wrote May we live in interesting times?

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One of the earliest reliable citations seems to be a 1950 short story by the British science-fiction author Eric Frank Russell, writing under the pen name Duncan H. Munro, who quotes the imprecation and then adds: “It isn’t a curse any more.

Do we live in interesting times?

“May you live in interesting times” is an English expression that is claimed to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. Despite being so common in English as to be known as the “Chinese curse”, the saying is apocryphal, and no actual Chinese source has ever been produced.

What is the meaning of May you?

May you is usually used in the sense of may I, but may I is asking for permission. You don’t generally ask someone else permission for their own behavior. Instead, you ask whether they would be willing to perform the behavior which would take the form of would you… or could you….

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How could I help you meaning?

An offer for assistance, often from a salesperson or employee. A: “How can I help you?” B: “I’m looking for a cocktail dress for a wedding.” Good morning, Human Resources Department!

What does if you may mean?

the expression is if you will. if you will. spoken formal used for asking people who are listening to you to think about something.

What does the phrase ‘may you live in Interesting Times’ mean?

For me, the phrase ‘may you live in interesting times’ is a statement with an intended true meaning that is different to what it appears to mean when taken at face value. It’s a phrase for the real world. So at first glance, the statement seems to send a positive wish to the recipient.

What are some good quotes about interesting times?

1 ‘May you live in interesting times.’. There is no doubt that the curse has fallen on us.” “We move from one crisis to another. 2 Truly, better be a dog in days of peace 3 Than a human in times of war! 4 Far better to be a dog in days of peace 5 Than to be a human in times of war. 6 ‘May you live in interesting times.’.

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Is “living in Interesting Times” a curse?

As noted previously, Austen asserted in a 1936 speech that “living in interesting times” was considered to be a curse in Chinese culture. Curiously, Joseph used the same distinctive phrase during addresses he delivered in 1898 and 1901.

Is the twentieth century the most interesting period in human history?

As the old Chinese curse has it: “May you live in interesting times,” and the twentieth century is probably the most “interesting” period mankind has ever known. In 1966 Robert F. Kennedy delivered a speech that included an instance: 19 There is a Chinese curse which says “May he live in interesting times.”