What is the purpose of a slur?

What is the purpose of a slur?

A slur is denoted with a curved line generally placed over the notes if the stems point downward, and under them if the stems point upwards. Prime functions of the slur in keyboard music…are to delineate the extent of a phrase line and to indicate the legato performance of melodies or arpeggiated chords.

How do you count slurs in music?

When Counting Slurs, “one” slur has a beginning (first) note and an ending (final) note. Even if that Slur is stretched over multiple lines of music, it is still only one (1) Slur, as you begin to play legato (smoothly) beginning with the first note and keep playing legato until the final note.

How is a slur played?

A slur is a musical notation that informs the musician to play a sequence of two or more notes without pausing in between notes, like slurring all the notes together. In more technical terms, a slur means you should play the notes in legato. In terms of legato, notes should be bound together and played smoothly.

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What is a phrase in music theory?

In music theory, a phrase (Greek: φράση) is a unit of musical meter that has a complete musical sense of its own, built from figures, motifs, and cells, and combining to form melodies, periods and larger sections. A phrase is a substantial musical thought, which ends with a musical punctuation called a cadence.

How many beats does a slur get?

2 beats
This results in a note that lasts for a total of 2 beats. You can also tie multiple notes (it doesn’t have to be only two). Now let’s look at slurs. Slurs are also curved lines that are spread across multiple notes, which can include different pitches.

How do you tell the difference between a tie and a slur?

A “tie” is a rhythmic indication, while a slur is a phrasing marking. Ties connect two or more notes of the same pitch: All of the notes within the tie are sustained smoothly, with their individual rhythmic values combined. In other words, the tied notes function as a single note.

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What is the difference between a tie and a slur?

As verbs the difference between slur and tie. is that slur is to insult or slight while tie is to twist (a string, rope, or the like) around itself securely.

What does soft mean in music?

If you’re using “soft music” to mean “quiet music,” then the opposite would be “loud music.”. If you’re using it to describe a music genre, such as soft rock or easy listening, then a good opposite would be heavy metal or hard rock. Views · View Upvoters.

What is meaning of slur?

The definition of a slur is a remark or action that can hurt someone’s reputation. An example of a slur is a man calling a young woman a slut in a crowded bar. An example of slur is a the way a very drunk person will talk.

What is a slur in music?

Slurs. A slur is a curved line placed over or under two or more notes to indicate to play the notes joined or connected.

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  • A Phrase. A phrase is a group of notes joined by a slur. See the example below.
  • Tie. Although they look similar,a tie is different from a slur.
  • Staccato. Staccato is an Italian musical term which means the opposite of legato (slurs).