What is the old name of Aurangabad?

What is the old name of Aurangabad?

The city, originally known as Khadki, was founded by Malik Ambar (ʿAnbar) in 1610. After the fall of the Nizam Shāhī dynasty in 1633, the city came under Mughal rule. It was later renamed Aurangabad after it became the headquarters of Aurangzeb during his viceroyalty over the Deccan.

What is the language of Aurangabad?

Marathi is the official language of the city. Marathi is also the most commonly spoken language in the city, followed by Urdu.

Which is better GMC Nagpur or VMMC Solapur or GMC Miraj?

The footfall of patients in GMC Nagpur is much more than that of Solapur or Miraj and hence it is a better college. (Cause afterall, the patient is the best teacher a doctor can get). The preference I submitted for my counselling round was GMC Nagpur and after a few slots I filled VMMC Solapur followed by GMC Miraj.

Is GMC Nagpur the best of the three?

There is no doubt GMC nagpur is the best of the three. With being a great city to live in, to a good academic atmosphere, Nagpur supersedes others. This institute is one of the oldest medical colleges and claims to have the largest campus in Asia.

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Which is the Best Medical College in Marathwada?

GMC ie; government medical college, aurangabad is the best college in marathwada.The College is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), New Delhi for medical education in India. The graduates from the institute are highly placed & are catering medical services in various fields in India & abroad.

Which is the oldest medical college in Khandesh?

SBHGMC is the oldest medical college of Khandesh or North Maharashtra, as it was started in 1989. Doctors here, discern a very heavy patient load as patients from places like Shindkheda, Buldaniya, Khargone, Nandurbar, Songir, Pimpalner, Sakri, Malegaon, Erandol, Amalner, Chalisgaon etc..