What is the meaning of center and centre?

What is the meaning of center and centre?

CENTER – “The middle of a circle”. CENTRE – “A place where families go to be part of the community”.

Why is center sometimes spelled centre?

Originally, everyone spelled it centre, but because of Noah Webster’s spelling reforms, people in the US started spelling it center, particularly in the last century. Although the revised spelling center has been adopted internationally to varying extents, centre is still more popular in most regions.

What is the difference between central and centre?

As adjectives the difference between central and center is that central is being in the centre while center is of, at, or related to a center.

Why is centre capitalized?

The two words have a range of meanings, as both a verb and a noun. “Centre” is the correct British spelling, while “center” is the correct American spelling. Since the word “centre” ends with ‘re’, it can be easy to preserve the word Centre for British Audiences. This post was proofread by Grammarly.

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How do you use center in a sentence?

direct one’s attention on something.

  1. God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.
  2. The wheel revolved on its centre.
  3. Children like to be the centre of attention.
  4. Police cordoned off part of the city centre.
  5. Roadworks have caused traffic jams throughout the city centre.

What is the difference between Centre and middle?

Middle means the half-position between two horizontal lines, levels, or a position in the Y-axis. Center means the half-position between two vertical lines, pillars, or a position in the X-axis.

Why do British people spell Center wrong?

The words are identical in meaning, but “center” is an American spelling. In fact, Canadian newspapers and magazines used to use American spellings if they made the word shorter (like “harbor” and “labor”), but they went back to mostly British spellings in the 1980s because their readers preferred it.

Do Australians Say Center Center?

Words that end in ‘-re’ in Australian and British English are spelt with ‘-er’ in American English. Examples: British and Australian: Centre. American: Center.

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Whats the difference between middle and center?

Who uses Centre?

Centre ‘“ is used in Britain and countries that have adopted the British system of spelling such as Canada and India. It is also used in America for certain place names or institutions such as Centre, Alabama, Centre College in Kentucky, and the Centre Region of Haiti.

Is center a place?

1 : the middle point or part of something the center of the room/circle The candies have a soft center. [=middle] The staircase is in the center of the building.

When to use centre or centre?

When to Use Centre. What does centre mean/ Centre is another spelling of the same word. While center is standard in American English, centre is the accepted term in British English.

Is it center or centercenter?

Center is the American spelling Centre is the British spelling. Since centre shares the letter sequence re with Reader’s Corner in the U.K., it should be easy to reserve centre for British audiences. If ever you can’t remember which version of the word is which, you can always reread this article for a quick refresher.

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Do Americans use center or centre?

Depending on the context the Americans use centre as well as the British use center. What is the Difference Between Center and Centre? The key difference between center and centre is their spelling; center is the spelling used by Americans while centre is the spelling used by British.

What is the origin of the word ‘center’?

Etymology suggests centre comes from old french for middle ‘centre’ – which is also the current French meaning and spelling. And prior to that Latin ‘centrum’ for middle. I think that should give centre the meaning of middle over center.