What is GMP in Spjimr?

What is GMP in Spjimr?

Global Management Programme (GMP) partners with some of the leading business schools globally. The credits earned at GMP are accepted by partner schools towards completion of the MBA or MS degree. The programme is your gateway to an international MBA or MS degree.

Does Spjimr accept GRE scores?

We take a holistic look at applicants’ profiles. Hence, we do not have rigid cutoffs. However, admission probabilities are significantly higher for those with scores higher than 600 GMAT, 300 GRE, or above 85 percentile in CAT/XAT.

Does SPJIMR have sectional cut off?

CAT 2020 and GMAT Scores/Cut-offs For GMAT takers, the cut-off is 690 (~ 85th percentile), with minimum sectional cut-offs being placed at the 75th percentile for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning Sections of the GMAT.

What is the eligibility criteria for the gregmp course at SPJIMR?

GMP course is offered at SPJIMR along with 3 B-Schools from US and Europe respectively. Candidates required to have a minimum GMAT or GRE or CAT or XAT score to be eligible for the admission process. Candidates without a mentioned entrance score can also apply however as deferred candidates.

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Why study GMP at SPJIMR?

SPJIMR’s GMP (Global Management Programme) connects with some of the leading business schools globally. SPJIMR started the programme with the help of funding from the European Commission in 2009. It was then called Post Graduate Certificate in International Management (PGCIM). SPJIMR’s GMP has a unique double-edge advantage.

What is the cut off for MBA in SPJIMR Jain University?

SP Jain Cut off is 85 percentile in CAT/GMAT to be eligible for MBA admission process. The sectional cut off for the same is 75 Percentile. Unlike previous years, XAT score is not accepted for MBA (PGPDM) admission process. For GMP admission at SPJIMR, candidates are required to have a minimum score in any one entrance exam.

What is the admission procedure for PGDM in SPJIMR?

SPJIMR is an autonomous institute with AMBA, AACSB International, AICTE and NBA accreditation. The popular courses at SPJIMR are PGDM, GMP, PGMPW, and PGPM. SPJIMR Admission to PGDM course accepted based on CAT/GMAT score. Candidates for GMP admission must have a minimum GMAT/GRE/CAT/XAT score.

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