Should I get a masters in human computer interaction?

Should I get a masters in human computer interaction?

A good master’s degree in HCI gives you a solid foundation in UX design, some practical experience of working as a UXer for a real client, and a pretty good credential for landing a product design job. That said, grad schools are not a prerequisite for being a UXer.

Is HCI a STEM course?

You will complete your degree with a capstone project—an opportunity to showcase your work in a design space of your choice. This program is classified as a STEM program.

What are the requirements for an HCI master’s degree?

Most HCI master’s programs on our list feature very similar application requirements, such as a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA), a resume, a statement of purpose or goals, and letters of reference or recommendation. With so many applicants turning in the same types of materials, it’s important to be able to distinguish yourself as much as possible.

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Is the Accelerated Master of Human-Computer Interaction degree available?

Yes. The Accelerated Master of Human-Computer Interactiondegree is for Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students who are completing a second major in HCI and are taking the three core HCI courses as well as a 400-level elective. More information about the accelerated program can be found under our undergraduate pages online.

Is HCI a good career path?

HCI is one of the hottest fields around; the demand is growing constantly, and there aren’t enough trained workers to fill the gaps. Universities are offering the most flexible HCI programs in history, with several available completely online and allowing for part-time attendance.

What is the MHCI program?

The MHCI program is a three-semester program completed over the course of a full calendar year (August-August). It is a professional degree that prepares students for industry and a career related to user experience, human-computer interaction and beyond.