Is Manipal easier than Jee?

Is Manipal easier than Jee?

The selection process is quite tougher as compared to other tests as JEE Mains includes more advanced level questions than those asked in 10+2 board exams. Thus selection in MUOET is more easier than JEE Mains.

Can a JEE aspirant crack Viteee?

The next hope of the candidates who are not able to crack IIT JEE is VITEEE. Both the exams are difficult and require ample hard work from the students to work on their basic concepts, thinking ability and problem-solving skills….Comparison between VITEEE and JEE.

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Is set theory in JEE syllabus?

Set Theory And Relations is the vital part of the IIT JEE syllabus. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics have equal weightage in the IIT JEE but Maths 1.

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How can I delete Viteee Quora?

First of all just go through the syllabus of 11 and 12th. After that just focus on easy means basic and formulas based questions, Viteee is not to tough in fact it’s pretty easy.. At last 10 days just solve previous years paper and give mock test it will help you lot… , B.

Is VITEEE easy?

VITEEE is much easier than JEE Mains. If you are thorough with the NCERT syllabus, you can easily get a score of around 100/125. VITEEE is much easier than JEE Mains. If you are thorough with the NCERT syllabus, you can easily get a score of around 100/125.

Are VITEEE questions repeated?

Reportedly, questions are often repeated from previous years in the VITEEE exam. Therefore, candidates preparing for VITEEE must refer to previous years’ papers.

Is sets Asked in JEE?

In set theory, Sets, relations and functions are three different concepts but equally important for JEE Main preparation. Students can expect two-three questions from this chapter in the JEE examination.

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How can I crack my vitamin in 10 days?

Try maintaining the average 3 hours per chapter. Do not focus on the number of questions, focus on types of questions. In VITEEE most questions are direct formula based, so maintain a copy where you pen down all the formulas and keep revising them on regular basis.

Is it difficult to crack VITEEE?

It is quite easier when compared to jee mains. Most of the questions are directly asked from ncert books. If you are well prepared for jee mains then you can crack VITEEE for sure. For this you need to have command on solving different conceptual problems and numericals.

Is it possible to crack the JEE in 4-5 months?

Yes, it is possible and you can do it. 4–5 month is more than enough if you work hard. I think that you will surely get selected in JEE if you follow my instructions. Remember you just have to do hard work along with smart work and nothing else in this span of time. 1 Cracking jee requires a lot of hard work.

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How to prepare for JEE Main 2017 in 3 days?

Five to six hours of sleep every night is a must, especially three-four days before JEE Main 2017 for physical and mental fitness. Short naps may help to regain freshness, but avoid over-sleeping during the day. ◦Finally, don’t be nervous if you find the paper tough since it is the relative performance that counts.

Is it possible to crack the mains in 1 month?

So forget about cracking mains in 1 month. 1 month is barely enough for revision and mock tests alone so you can only revise for Mains in one month not prepare for entire exam. I would suggest others to at least start two years before exam and put in persistent efforts to “crack” the exam.

Is it possible to prepare for the NEET exam in 5-6 months?

No, it is not possible with 5–6 months of preparation. The fact that you have come to quora to ask such a question indicates ( not necessarily true ) that till now your preparation has been weak till now.