How much does Goldman Sachs pay Iitians?

How much does Goldman Sachs pay Iitians?

The highest domestic offers received at IIT Bombay were by Qualcomm, Google and Goldman Sachs amounting to Rs 32.59 lakh, Rs 32 lakh and Rs 31.50 lakh per annum respectively.

How much do interns at Goldman Sachs make?

At firms like Goldman and Citi, interns can earn a salary of $85,000 in base annual comp, which is prorated over the course of their 10-week internship.

Does Google come to IIT KGP?

The top recruiters of IIT Kharagpur on day one of the placements 2021-22 included leading companies such as Google, Qualcomm, EXL Service, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs. Earlier, IIT Kharagpur concluded its placements 2020-21 with 93-97\% of its BTech and Dual Degree students getting placed with top industries.

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What is the summer Analyst Program at Goldman Sachs?

Make things possible this summer at Goldman Sachs Our Summer Analyst Program is an eight to ten week summer internship for undergraduate students. You will be fully immersed in the day-to-day activities of one of our divisions. As a participant, you will:

What is it like to intern at a Goldman Sachs?

A Goldman Sachs internship gives you a unique opportunity to learn about the finance industry by working side by side with the experts. Our interns don’t learn by watching, they learn by getting involved in real projects.

Why Placement Career Development Centre at VIT University?

The Placement Career Development Centre help the students to prepare for placement interviews in technical and HR aspects by arranging meetings with professional trainers and VIT alumni. The Placement center also ensures that the students are well-prepared in group discussions.

What services does Goldman Sachs provide?

Goldman Sachs provides a range of investment banking, investment management and securities services for our clients. These services are delivered by teams working across multiple divisions. At Goldman Sachs we turn ideas into reality for our clients and communities around the world.

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