How long can India Customs hold my package?

How long can India Customs hold my package?

Normally, a limited number of days of two or three are allowed by import handling authorities as free of cost time duration. You can complete the customs formalities within this time normally, subjected to produce of all required documents with customs.

How long will customs hold a package?

Normally, in three business days its status would change to “Released by Customs”, meaning that the package is on its want to you. But sometimes this doesn’t happen. There are two main reasons why international packages get held up in customs for more than three days.

How long does it take to clear Indian Customs?

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Indian Customs could see consignment clearance time fall from 12 hours to 12 minutes.

How do I know if my shipment is stuck in customs?

The best way to do this is generally through the courier’s website, where you will be able to find out what is happening. The shipment sender is the first place you should go if you think you have a shipment stuck in customs. Ensure that your shipment is actually stuck in customs.

How can I check the status of my PTCs package?

Your can try to check status of your package or you can try government website to track your packages. You can also call[protected]. Takes time to get through but you will get the status of your package.

How to track All Your packages in India?

Go to Parcel Monitor! Parcel Monitor will handle all the issues related to tracking for you. It is the one stop alternative for tracking all your packages in India, independent of language and carrier. Visit now! You have multiple tracking numbers, different logistics providers, looking for regular track event updates?

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What does ‘held at customs’ mean when sending a package?

‘ Held at Customs ‘ means the package you are sending to the destination country is held by the officials of the importer country’s customs office. These government bodies hold the packages until they ensure that only permissible items cross their border and the taxes (Duties & Excise) are paid for the import.