How is XLRI GMP?

How is XLRI GMP?

The General Management Program at XLRI is the oldest One Year MBA Program to be offered in India. XLRI pioneered GMP as a program for middle-level and senior level managers across sectors to hone their managerial experience & skills by providing a strong grounding on management theories.

Is ISB better than IIM abc?

If you consider the FT Global MBA rankings 2021, ISB does rank higher than IIM, however the response to IIM vs ISB would be different for every individual.

Why ISB not IIM?

For the class of 2019, ISB PGP class had an average of 4.3 years of experience, proving that ISB is suited for experienced professionals who need a shorter, more intensive management education. As for IIMA, it is longer, more extensive, and is just right for candidates with less experience.

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How is ISB different from IIM?

ISB is better than IIM-A but the problem is that for ISB you need a minimum of 5-year pre-MBA experience and the program is for 1 year however for IIM-A there are no such criteria. IIM-A has both regular 2-year program and also 1-year executive program.

How good is xlxlri GMP program?

XLRI GMP program is most suitable for people who have 5-6 years of work experience in IT. The recruit in the program has been good and mainly consists of top IT companies. But do beware that the range of percentiles in this program vary from 99.9 to 80 percentile.

Is XLRI a good career option after pgdgm?

Yes career shift from say Core Electrical to Management consulting or IT services to Finance may not be a realistic expectation through the PGDGM, but you will definitely progress in your career because the XLRI brand is not something which is taken lightly in the industry.

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Does XLRI Jamshedpur provide loans to its students?

XLRI does not have any official tie – up with any nationalized banks for providing loans to students. But all major banks, specifically the SBI bank at XLRI Branch, Jamshedpur, cater to the loan requirements of XLRI Students with preferential treatment.