How do you find 1/8 of a number?

How do you find 1/8 of a number?

Answer: 1/8 of a number can be found by dividing the number by 8. So 14 divided by 8 gives 1.75.

What is 1/3 of a number?

1/3 of a number is the same thing as that number divided by three. Divide 60 by 3, 60 / 3 = 20.

How do you find 3/8 of a number?

To find 3/8 of 48, we multiply the numerator 3 by the given whole number 48 and then divide the product 144 by the denominator 8. So, 3/8 of 48 = 18.

What is 1/8 as a decimal?

To convert 1/8 to a decimal, divide the denominator into the numerator. 1 divided by 8 = . 125. To convert the decimal .

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What is 3 over 8 as a decimal?

3/8 as a decimal is 0.375.

What is 1/8 in a fraction?

Decimal and Fraction Conversion Chart

Fraction Equivalent Fractions
1/8 2/16 5/40
3/8 6/16 15/40
5/8 10/16 25/40
7/8 14/16 35/40

What is 3/8 as a percent?

To convert to percentage To convert the fraction to decimal first convert to decimal and then multiply by 100. Therefore, the solution is 37.5\%.

How do you find 5/8 of a number?

When asked for a fraction of a number, you multiply the fraction times the number. To multiply by a fraction, you divide by the bottom and multiply by the top. For 58 of 40 , you can say 40÷8=5 then say 5⋅5=25 giving you your final answer of 25 .

Which number is always greater on a number line?

On a number line, a number on the left is always less than a number on the right. Similarly, a number on the right is always greater than a number on the left. Number Line 1 to 100 Here are the number lines from 1 to 100 numbers.

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How to find the number of factors of a number?

Here we will discuss finding factors, formulas to find the number of factors, product and sum of factors. The factors of a number are defined as the number which can be multiplied to get the original number. By multiplying two factors of a number, a product is obtained which is equal to the original number.

How many times can you represent integers on a number line?

A number line extends indefinitely on both sides. Hence, we can represent integers on a number line, infinitely. Put your understanding of this concept to test by answering a few MCQs. Click ‘Start Quiz’ to begin!

How do you add two numbers on a number line?

Locate the first number on the number line. The first number lets us know where to begin. The second number lets know the direction of movement. If the second number is a positive number move to the right side if it is a negative number move to the left side of the first number for addition.

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