How can I prepare for Gpsc at home?

How can I prepare for Gpsc at home?

GPSC Preparation Tips – Do & Don’ts

  1. Do not skip the time of the revision,
  2. Do not go for any new topics at the very last moment.
  3. Sleep on time and eat only healthy food.
  4. Candidates must drink water properly.
  5. Do not take any stress.
  6. Do take small breaks of 5 minutes after every hour.
  7. Revise topics frequently.

How much time does it take to prepare for Gpsc?

How much preparation is needed for GPSC? – Quora. 10 hours a day for 8 months minimum assuming you have great grasping power and interest in all the subjects. With continuous self motivation and perseverance. GPSC exam is changing its syllabus in accordance to the UPSC.

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Which material is best for GPSC exam?

Best Books for preparation of GPSC Examination

  • Gujarat No Itihas (In Gujarati) by Hiren- Gujarat History.
  • Bipin Chandra- Modern History.
  • Majid Hussain- Geography.
  • Ramesh Singh- Economy.
  • Laxmikanth- Indian Polity.
  • India Year Book.

Which post is best in GPSC?

Best post for GPSC Gujarat administrative Examination is Dy Collector. This is the highest cadre in GAS examination. The collectorate play a pivotal role in the District administration.

Which paper is best for GPSC?

For current affairs, it is highly recommended that candidates read The Hindu newspaper every day without fail. Here you can find Daily Video Analysis of the Hindu. Apart from The Hindu, please find below other highly reliable sources for GPSC current affairs preparation.

Which magazine is best for Gpsc?

GPSC Study Material Current Affairs – Kurukshetra Magazine, Yojana Magazine, The Hindu, Press Information Bureau (PIB)

Which is best app for Gpsc preparation?

#1. PIGSO Learning – Educational Platform.

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  • #2. GPSC Online App.
  • #3. – Learning App for Competitive Exams.
  • #4. Oliveboard.
  • #5. Crack – GPSC.
  • How to prepare for GPSC exam online?

    Online preparation for GPSC is possible as most resources are available online. Before starting the preparation, candidates should once read the GPSC eligibility criteria in the linked article. The books best aligned to GPSC Syllabus are given below: Candidates can download the NCERT books from the linked article.

    How do I prepare for the Civil Services exam?

    The different state service commissions have modelled their exam pattern and syllabus on the lines of the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Current affairs preparation is important. NCERT books are an initial resource. Standard reference books such as Laxmikanth’s Polity, Bipin Chandra for History etc.

    How to apply for assistant engineer in GPSC Ojas 2020?

    There are 27 vacancies of Assistant Engineer (Civil) 18 vacancies of Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) and 02 of Assistant Engineer (Electrical). The Last date to apply for the post will be 31st July 2020. The will candidates can visit official site GPSC OJAS for online form.

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    What is the history subject in GPSC?

    History is an important subject both in GPSC and IAS exams. It is divided into three- ancient, medieval and modern for simplification. Just like UPSC has mentioned the topics, GPSC too has mentioned similar history topics with few exceptions in relation to the state history.