Does Megatron care about Starscream?

Does Megatron care about Starscream?

Though Megatron was more powerful than Starscream, he still respected Starscream and kept him by his side for his cunning nature, foolproof planning, and scheming expertise.

What is Starscream to Megatron?

Starscream is a character in the many continuities in the Transformers franchise. Generally depicted as a deadly Decepticon who transforms into a jet fighter and who serves as Megatron’s second-in-command on Earth, Starscream’s defining trait is his desire to overthrow Megatron and take his place as Decepticon leader.

How did Megatron and Starscream meet?

Megatron to Starscream. Megatron and Starscream met during the former’s ascension to power as a leader, which Starscream willingly joined. Already a commander of Energon Seeker’s, Starscream was not born poorly into the Catse System of Cybertron like other Decepticons.

Who is Megatron’s wife?

Transformers Prime Megatron’s Wife – Mika’sYuuKitten – Wattpad. In the beginning, she was with Orion/Optimus, but, he broke it off with her finding her couldn’t lie to her and to his spark anymore, as he loved Elita.

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Who is Starscream’s girlfriend?

Alexis is a human character in the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

How loyal is Starscream to Megatron?

Starscream’s loyalty has been nack and forth numerous times in the show, perplexing both sides of the war. Despite his countless failings, assassination attempts and all around unpredictable nature, Megatron seems to prefer having him around.

Why did Starscream leave the Decepticon ranks?

Megatron believed the young Decepticon would be one of his finest warriors someday. Their relationship changed completely when Megatron left Starscream in charge for three years. When Megatron returned Starscream wanted the throne again and made many assassination attempts eventually driving him to leave the Decepticon ranks.

How did Megatron become Galvatron?

Both robots are mortally wounded and several Decepticons make an escape in Astrotrain. Capitalizing on Megatron’s weakness, Starscream ejects Megatron into space along with several other Decepticons. They are found by Unicron and are augmented into more powerful versions, with Megatron becoming Galvatron.

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Who is Megatron’s arch enemy?

Optimus may be his arch enemy in terms of ideology and ieals, however, no other character goes more on Megatron’s nerve than his cowardly second-in-command. Megatron and Starscream met during the former’s ascension to power as a leader, which Starscream willingly joined.