Does Lisbeth have a crush on Kirito?

Does Lisbeth have a crush on Kirito?

Liz is in love with Kirito, and that certainly means that she wants to be with him in whatever way she can. But she sees Asuna, and the fact that Kirito clearly loves her, and instead of trying to fight for him or attempting to break them up, she quietly steps aside to let them be together without fanfare.

Is silica actually Kirito’s cousin?

After Kirito gets trapped in Sword Art Online, she begins playing ALFheim Online as a Sylph in an attempt to try to understand him better, and it is at this time that she finds out they are cousins rather than siblings; with her mother revealing to her that he is not her biological brother, but is actually her cousin …

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How old is Agil Sao?

2 Andrew Gilbert Mills / Agil (27 – 30)

Who is Kirito’s love interest in Sword Art Online?

Kirito has so many potential love interests in Sword Art Online that it’s almost funny, considering how quickly he chose Asuna and has stayed by her side throughout the series.

What would happen if Kirito and Asuna had a relationship?

If this happened, as you know, Asuna would probably be heartbroken because she does claim to say in the novel that she stopped having nightmares since Kirito and Asuna fell asleep under the same tree. Shortly after that event asuna developed feelings for Kirito. So Asuna at this point would secretly be in pain the whole time.

What is Kirito’s relationship with Sachi?

Kirito had a definite brotherly relationship with Sachi. Nah not happening. Asuna is the one and only for Kirito besides the main events that happened cause he met and fell in love with Asuna in the first place and he always saw Sachi a friend and she reminded him of Sugu his cousin’s sister.

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Who is Lizbeth in Sword Art Online?

Do battle with the fearsome dragon within? Lizbeth (リズベット, Rizubetto ), more commonly known as Liz, is a blacksmith, a player in Sword Art Online and the owner of Lizbeth’s Smith Shop. She was originally a blacksmith in a Guild before they were all killed with her as the lone survivor.