Do you need decals for NJ road test?

Do you need decals for NJ road test?

License plate decals. Red, reflective decals must be affixed to plates on a vehicle used for the road test of drivers under age 21. Decals are to be purchased at the time of the learners/examination permit or probationary license issuance.

What color decals must a GDL driver have?

Probationary drivers under the age of 21 will be required to affix a red decal on their license plates. The decals, which can be purchased for $4 a pair at motor vehicle agencies starting April 12, are supposed to be affixed to the upper left corner of the front and rear license plates.

Does New Jersey require registration stickers?

New Jersey already issues registration decals for all commercially registered vehicles. Kamin also said that in spite of how easy it will be to put the decals on the plate, they will tear if someone tries to peel them off for use on another plate. Decals will be a different color each year.

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Is Kyleigh’s Law still in effect?

More than ten years after Kyleigh’s Law took effect, requiring New Jersey probationary drivers to display a red decal on their license plates, public opinion is still fiercely divided over whether to follow the law or blatantly ignore it. In 2012, the state’s Supreme Court upheld the law.

Why can’t you take the road test in a car with a console NJ?

(d) The road test cannot be administered in a vehicle in which there is a center console type construction, or other obstruction which will prevent the licensing examiner from having access to the foot brake, unless the parking brake is mounted to the right of the driver in a position accessible to the examiner.

What is the fine for not adhering to the GDL restrictions?

A first-time driver with a Graduated Driver License (GDL) must adhere to strict driving restrictions. Failing to follow these restrictions may result in a fine of $100 and suspension of the GDL.

Why is Kyleigh’s Law Good?

Opponents Fear Unlawful Discrimination Against Young Drivers Opponents of Kyleigh’s Law believe that: The law helps facilitate young driver profiling and unjustified discrimination by law enforcement, subjecting youth to more scrutiny and traffic stops just because of their age and not because of their actions.

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What are the restrictions for electronic devices for a permit or probationary license holder in NJ?

Probationary Driver License allows you to drive on your own, but no hands-free or hand-held electronic devices can be used while driving, and everybody in your car must wear a seat belt. If you are younger than 21 years of age, there are more restrictions: no driving between 11:01 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

Where can I buy Kyleigh’s Law stickers?

Decals can be purchased by anyone – permit holder, probationary driver or parents – at local motor vehicle agencies for $4 per pair. How are the decals to be displayed? When operating a vehicle, the driver subject to Kyleigh’s Law must display one decal in the top, left corner of both the front and rear license plates.

What decals are required for New Jersey’s graduated driver license (GDL)?

Drivers under 21 subject to New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) requirements: Note: Decals must be displayed for road test of drivers under age 21. Details of these mandatory decals are as follows: Each 1 ½ inch by 1 inch, reflectorized decal is red in color and made with removable, 3M Dual Lock® material

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Do I have to display my GDL decal?

No, only those teens under 21 who are holding either a permit or provisional (restricted) license are required to display the decal and abide by the GDL restrictions. It is important to note that under New Jersey’s GDL law, teens are required to complete a minimum 12 month provisional (to be called probationary) licensing period.

What are the restrictions for GDL drivers in New Jersey?

In addition to the decal requirement, effective May 1, 2010, New Jersey GDL drivers will also be subject to the following restrictions: May not operate a motor vehicle after 11:01 p.m. and before 5:00 a.m. May not use a hand-held or hands-free interactive, wireless communication device

Do I need a license plate reflector in New Jersey?

All permit or probationary (formerly provisional) drivers under age 21 must display a reflectorized decal on each license plate (front/back) of any motor vehicle they operate (P.L. 2009, c.37-Kyleigh’s Law, eff. May 1, 2010). Drivers under 21 subject to New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) requirements: