Can you join Marine Corps with GED?

Can you join Marine Corps with GED?

For the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), the GED diploma is recognized and accepted as a basic enlisting qualification. Be aware, though, that you can join the U.S. Marines without holding a high school diploma, but you are required to meet strict additional requirements before your application will be accepted.

Can you enlist in the Marines without a high school diploma?

Different branches of the military have different enlistment requirements, but it is possible to enlist in the Marines without a high school diploma. Ninety percent of enlisted Marines are required to hold diplomas, however the Marines have a policy of accepting no more than 5 percent of recruits without one.

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Can you enlist in the military without a high school diploma?

While you can join the military without a high school diploma, you still need to complete the General Educational Development (GED) program or have college credits for consideration by military branches.

Can you join military with GED 2021?

Many people ask us “Can you join the Army with your GED Diploma?” Yes, the GED diploma is equivalent to a common high school diploma so you can! The Army had an enlistment program especially for people who neither had a high school diploma or GED.

Can I join the Coast Guard with a GED?

Enlisted positions with the Coast Guard can be pursued with a GED, but only in special circumstances. Applicants must also fulfill all of the job requirements to qualify. Moreover, they may be competing against other candidates with postsecondary training or relevant work experience.

What is required to enlist in the Marines?

Eligibility Requirements To enlist as a Marine, you must obtain your high school diploma and be a legal U.S. resident between 17 and 28. To commission as a Marine Officer, you must be a United States citizen between 20 and 28 and have obtained both a high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree.

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Can you join Coast Guard with GED?

With a GED, you can enlist in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard.

Will the military help me get my GED?

The Army National Guard’s GED Plus Program provides free training and testing services that will enable you to successfully obtain your GED. The Army National Guard will pay you to get your GED when you enlist. You can enlist under the “Army National Guard GED Plus Program”.

Can you enlist in the Marine Corps without a medical waiver?

However, permanent disqualifications require you to receive a medical waiver since the condition is not going to change with time. Consequently, the Marine Corps (like other branches) does not allow enlistment without an approved waiver.

Can I get a waiver for entrance into the military?

Waivers for entrance into the military are available, but they are not easy to obtain. There is a long list of reasons why the military may disqualify a potential recruit: illegal activity, medical conditions, minimum height, and even age.

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How long does it take to get a military medical waiver?

In general, expect at least two weeks to a month to hear back on a military medical waiver. Related Article – 20 Health Conditions That May Disqualify You From Military

Can I enlist in the military without a physical certification?

Unless certified by the CMO to be physically qualified or a waiver of the physical standards is recommended and ultimately granted, the applicant cannot be accepted for enlistment. As a matter of information, the MEPS come under the direct supervision of: