Can we choose maths in BA?

Can we choose maths in BA?

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics or BA Mathematics in short is an undergraduate programme of three-year duration that is delivered over six semesters….BA Mathematics Course Highlights.

Course level Bachelors
Admission process Merit Based
Course Fee INR 1 LPA to INR 3 Lakhs
Average salary INR 2.5 LPA to INR 7 LPA

What are the subjects in BA Hons Mathematics?

Bachelor of Arts {Hons. } (Mathematics): Syllabus and Course Description

First Semester Second Semester
Analysis Differential Equations Metric Spaces Linear Algebra Probability and Mathematics Analysis Geometry of Curves and Surfaces Complex Analysis Operations Research and Linear Programming Mechanics Viva Voce

Can I take maths Honours?

Math Honours is a 3-year graduate degree program, the minimum eligibility is the 12th class from a recognized school board or its equivalent exam….B.Sc. Math Honours: Course Highlights.

Course Level Graduate
Eligibility 10+2 or equivalent education
Admission Process Entrance exam and Merit Based

Is BA Mathematics and BSC mathematics same?

Both BA maths and Bsc maths are the same if seen in the view of Maths. The difference comes in the other subjects in the courses. If you prefer to study Science courses, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science, Computer Science or other sciences then go with science(Bsc).

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Can I do M Sc Maths after BA Maths?

Yes you can pursue Msc in mathematics after you complete your B. A. degree in mathematics. In MSc, you have to study the subjects in detail what you have studied at your bachelor degree level.

What can I do after BA Hons maths?

Job Opportunities after B.Sc. (Hons.) Maths

  • A career in IT Industry:
  • A career in Accountancy & Management:
  • A career in Actuarial Sciences:
  • A career in Investment Banking after B.Sc.
  • A career as Operations Research Analyst:
  • A career in Teaching after B.Sc.

Is graduation math hard?

Don’t be bothering about it. You are interested in maths, if it is tough then you can. But you are not love it may cause problems you need to practice hard at least 5 to 6 hours in each day, it will become easy. All subject at that own level is tough.