Can I go to uni with GED?

Can I go to uni with GED?

The GED® is accepted at many universities around the world. Most universities accept American credentials such as a GED® or high school diploma plus a prescribed score on the SAT college admission test. For example: 98\% of US universities accept students with a GED.

Is a GED worth as much as a diploma?

Once you’ve earned your GED, it’s practically as good as an actual diploma. Studies say 96\% of employers accept a GED as being equal to a diploma. Most universities will take a GED if you have good SAT/ACT scores. Otherwise you may have to attend a community college for a year and earn some good grades.

Can I go to Berkeley with a GED?

High school proficiency examination We’ll also accept proficiency examinations from other states, and the General Education Development (GED) Certificate, in place of a diploma. However, students must still meet the subject and GPA requirements.

Can you get into college with a GED?

Many colleges and universities accept students with a GED. While some students fear they can’t get into college without a traditional high school diploma, that’s far from the case. You can potentially get into college with a GED! You must meet the college’s other admissions requirements.

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Is the GED worth it?

The GED is widely recognized. In fact, there are over 20 million GED graduates and counting. GED graduates that earn the College Ready score levels may even be eligible to bypass placement testing and earn college credit for classes related to the test subjects.

What is a passing score on the GED test?

A passing score is 145 on each test subject. But a score of 165-174 is considered “GED® College Ready.” This may be a good sign that you have the skills to start college. And a score of 175-200 is considered “GED® College Ready + Credit.” This means you likely already know some of the skills taught in college classes.

Can you get a GED online at Liberty University?

Along with its Lynchburg, VA campus, it is known for its online programs. Liberty offers 700+ programs, include certificate programs, undergrad, and grad programs. Over 450 of these may be earned online. Besides traditional high school graduates, those with a GED are welcome to apply.

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