Can I get admission in Germany with GATE score?

Can I get admission in Germany with GATE score?

Is GATE mandatory for MS in Germany? No, GATE is not mandatory. Please note that only Indian applicants can apply at certain universities with a GATE score, for which the minimum necessary percentile is 90.

Which countries accept GATE scores?

Summary table of Foreign universities which accept GATE score:

S.No. University Country
1 National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore
2 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore
3 Technical University of Germany Germany
4 RWTH ACHEN Germany

How can I apply for foreign university after GATE?

General Requirements for Admission to Foreign Universities through GATE Scores

  1. Must hold a Bachelor’s degree (preferably B.
  2. Must have cleared GATE and scored at least the GATE cutoff, as mentioned by the university.
  3. Must have appeared for IELTS or TOEFL.
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Is German required for TU Munich?

German Language Skills. Good command of German is an important prerequisite to successfully complete your studies at TUM. Proof of sufficient German language skills must be submitted before the end of the application period for all degree programs whose language of instruction is German.

Does Technical University of Munich accept GATE score?

Technical University of Munich is a famous University and is ranked 60 in the QS world university ranking. This university accepts GATE score for admission in their post graduation courses. There are two universities in Germany which accept the GATE score for admission into their post-graduation programs.

Which universities in Germany accept GATE scores?

A few universities in Germany like TU Munich and RWTH Aachen accept GATE scores. The medium of teaching is in English, thereby making it an attractive option for many Indian students to apply. The minimum cut-off percentage required for admission in foreign universities is 90\%.

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What are the graduate programs at Technical University of Munich?

Technical University of Munich Graduate Admissions The university offers 100 master’s programs in M.Sc, MBA, M.Ed taught in both English and Germany. Top graduate courses the university offers are Architecture, Biochemistry, Aerospace Engineering, Environmental Engineering. Below table highlights the program specific requirements:

Is the GATE score required for admission in Europe?

In case you have good scores to show in your transcripts itself, the GATE score is not required. Schools across Europe are more concerned with how good you have been in your Bachelors Subjects and judge that based on your university’s transcripts by creating an average credit score for all applicants.