Can I get a custom license plate in India?

Can I get a custom license plate in India?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has made the process of selecting a VIP registration number for vehicles simpler with the introduction of e-auction. You can register, select the choice of fancy numbers available for bidding and get the VIP car or bike number of your liking.

Which number plates are legal in India?

The number plates are placed in the front and back of the vehicle. By law, all plates are required to be in modern Hindu-Arabic numerals with Latin letters. The international vehicle registration code for India is IND.

How much does it cost to customize a number plate?

According to the Western Cape’s pricing guidelines, a plate with six digits or letters in the province will cost R2,000. However, this rises to R10,000 for a plate with a single alpha or numeric character.

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What are the benefits of VIP number in car?

Some popular VIP numbers include 0001, 0100, 1111, 4444, 0786, etc. Basically, instead of giving such attractive numbers randomly to vehicle owners, RTO charges a premium by holding a bid after setting a base price. This helps government raise extra funds.

Can I use a black number plate?

Only vehicles registered before the 1st of January 1980 are allowed to display a black and silver number plate, providing they have applied to the DVLA and are registered with the ‘historic vehicles’ tax class.

What are the rules of number plate in India?

Number Plate Rules in India Improper Number Plates (also called ‘Registration Mark’) The MV Act (Rule 50, 51 of MV Act, 1989) specifies that the a) Registration letters and numbers shall be in black on white background for 2 wheelers / LMV Cars and Black letter on Yellow background for commercial vehicles.

What do different number plates on a car mean?

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The yellow number plate signifies that the vehicle is for commercial use only and a green number plate signifies that the vehicle is an electric vehicle. Apart from these main types of vehicle number plates, there are others which are unique to the military or the President of India or Governors of the states in the country.

What happens if you don’t have a license plate in India?

As per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all motorised vehicles plying on Indian roads must be registered with the RTO and bear a license plate (number plate). There are various types of number plates in India. An unregistered vehicle falls in direct violation of the act which can attract a heavy penalty.

Which number plates are used by foreign consulates in India?

Blue plates with white numbers are used by foreign consulates in India. 1. White plate with black numbers : these are the private vehicles owned for personal use. 2. Yellow number plates with black numbers: these types of plates are used by cabs, taxis or autos. 3.

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